Opportunity Fund 2012 Annual Fundraising Campaign
Our goal this year: $300,000

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One year. Four people. See the power of savings transform their lives.

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Melissa was raised in the foster care system. Today she's a single mom trying to make ends meet and provide a better home for her daughter. Will she be able to finish school and find a job that can give them more stability?
They save $1. You match $2.
Supporters like you provide a boost to help someone start saving and get on the path to financial stability.
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Teran had to leave home as a teenager when his mom was no longer able to care for him. Now a young man on his own, Teran opens an Opportunity Fund savings account and begins to set aside money. Can he build his savings and his confidence?
Average monthly savings = $30
It doesn't sound like much. But with a median annual income of $14,000, saving $30 is transformative.
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Florence has had financial troubles ever since her husband passed away 16 years ago. With Opportunity Fund's help, she is working to move forward and save regularly to support herself. Will Florence be able to take control of her finances for the first time in her life?
They keep saving.
70% of Opportunity Fund savers continue to save. They change their lives by making a long-term change in their behavior.
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Regina is a part-time student, full-time employee, and single mother supporting three young kids. When she opens her savings account, she also gains a financial education. But will she be able to break bad habits in favor of saving?
70% help their kids save
Three out of four Opportunity Fund savers open savings accounts for their children. This is an important step in breaking the cycle of poverty.
How to Help

Security, stability, possibility. This is what your gift brings to Opportunity Fund's savers. Donate to help 1,000 people start saving.

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Thank you to our donors!


$1,000 and up
  • John Yee
  • Julie and Stanley Chin
  • Launch Pad, Inc.
  • Eric Weaver and Sarah Holcombe
  • The Skoll Fund (recommended by Bob Burlinson)
  • Clarinda Merripen and Family
  • Brian Graham
  • Roger Johnson
  • Andrew Hirsch
  • Jeff Donnelly
  • Sand Hill Foundation (recommended by Ash McNeely)
  • David Krimm and Peter Bradley
  • The James Irvine Foundation (recommended by Greg Avis)
  • Denise Yamamoto and Josh Hannah
  • Ash McNeely
  • Tom and Ellen Ehrlich
  • Anonymous (2)


$500 - $999
  • Anonymous (2)
  • Christopher and Liz Lynch
  • Peter and Elizabeth Dumanian
  • Eileen Henlon
  • John Muller and Linda Walton
  • Steven Nasiri
  • Beth Liebert
  • Patricia Krackov
  • Jennifer Pence
  • Marc Rand
  • MatchGood.org
  • Susan Lowenberg and Joyce Newstat
  • George Skillman
  • Scott Montgomery – In Honor of Marc Rand
  • Susan Harper
  • Terry and Claudia Speizer
  • Rich and Gina Kelley
  • Scott and Molly Morse
  • Judy Heyboer


$101 - $499
  • Jeffrey Merkowitz and Molly Savitz
  • Michael Brennan
  • Yolanda Ruiz and Roger Duke
  • Anne Childs
  • Ben Owen
  • Abby Wilder
  • Fredrick Lee
  • Karen Moore
  • Bill “Milo” Cummings
  • Joe and Christine Stafford
  • Linda Speizer
  • Mark and Diane Parnes
  • Pamela Merchant and Kirby Sack
  • Anthony Chang and Wendy Wong
  • David Musial
  • Liz and John Givens
  • Shawn Hanna
  • Lokelani Devone – In Honor of Dave Krimm
  • Galen Anne Bepler – In Honor of Bettina Bepler, “Maman”
  • Robert and Stephanie Shoffner
  • Natalie Monk
  • Hazel Kawaja


up to $100
  • Kevin Zwick
  • Steve and Valerie Nagle
  • Richard Fahey
  • Steve and Irene Rozga
  • Shaolee Sen and Scott Callard
  • Nicholas Wagner
  • Larry Cretan
  • Angela Nguyen-Dinh
  • David Ai
  • Ben Mangan
  • Mike Strauss
  • Mara Blitzer
  • Myra Melford
  • Abby Wilder
  • Ben Owen
  • Tim Hatfield – In Honor of Regie Ledesma
  • Sixto Mendoza
  • Daphne Adam
  • Betty Bei Yu
  • Steven and Margaret Bojkovic
  • Alan Zisser
  • M Jean Johnston
  • Susan Rosenblum
  • Bruce Cozadd
  • Roberta Krackov
  • Catherine Kelliher
  • Virginia and Gary Brown
  • Judy Storey
  • Charlie and Patricia Bossert
  • Connie and Alice George
  • Stephen Huntington
  • Tannis Thorlakson – In Honor of a colleague
  • David Okazaki – In Honor of Eric’s 20th Anniversary
  • Perry and Barbara Winegrad
  • Howard and Maureen Zugman
  • Gerald and Judy Merrill
  • Laura Giadorou-Koch
  • Shelly Gordon Gray
  • Ron and Renee MacArthur
  • Lynne McClure
  • Richard Deeley and Lieu Nguyen
  • Tor Fredrik Bjerke
  • Dr. Regina Stroud
  • Dan and Tessie Boado
  • Bert Feuss
  • Heidi Krauel Patel
  • Oliver Nicholas