San Jose Community Block Development Grants Microenterprise Loan Program

Opportunity Fund is excited to partner with the City of San Jose to administer the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program to provide loans to businesses affected by COVID-19. Business loans will range from $10,000 to $25,000 to cover working capital and business re-startup needs due to the COVID-19 crisis. Please read through the entire eligibility requirements before applying below.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Business needs to have been in business since March 1, 2019 and is still in operation
  • Business must be located within the City of San Jose
  • Business must have 5 or fewer full-time employees including the business owner
  • Personal guaranty required from at least one 20%+ owner
  • The business must be active and in good credit prior to COVID
  • No active bankruptcies
  • No unpaid child support
  • The business owner’s household income must be ≤80% of the Area Median Income (please refer to the San Jose income limits chart here)

Eligible Loan Uses

  • Loan funds must be used to cover working capital and business re-startup needs due to the COVID-19 crisis:
    • Working capital- rent, insurance, utilities
    • Working capital – staff salaries/wages
    • Purchases – supplies, inventory, software
    • Purchases – furniture, fixtures, equipment
    • Minor repair of business space (cannot exceed $2,000)
    • Expenses for marketing, advertising, website Development
    • Website licensing fees

Ineligible Loan Uses

  • Personal expenses
  • Direct financing to political activities
  • Pay-off personal debt
  • Pay-off taxes, debt, and fines
  • Use funds to support the borrower’s other business interest

Ineligible Industries

  • Businesses that are franchises, chains, or restricted to patrons above the age of 18 will not be eligible for a loan

Business Document Requirements

Personal Documents Requirements

Please note, these documents are requirements of the City of San Jose for these specific loan funds.

  • 2018 and 2019 Personal tax returns
  • 2018 and 2019 Personal tax returns for every income-earning member of the household

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Submission Guidance

It is recommended that before completing and submitting the online form, respondents save their answers in a separate backup document, as your work may not be saved if you leave the web page before submitting the application. You may also lose your work if your internet is disconnected, or as a result of other potential web browser issues. We cannot accept changes to your application once it has been submitted, so please review it carefully.  You will see a confirmation page after successful completion of this application.


Information provided through the application process is the responsibility of each applicant. Applications submitted to the portal remain confidential to the general public and any fellow applicants. Applicants will not hold Opportunity Fund, its affiliates, members, partners, and staff liable for any losses, damages, costs, or expenses, of any kind relating to the use or the adequacy, accuracy, or completeness of any information loaded in the form. For further information please see OF’s privacy policy. Data entered on this secure form utilizes ???.  More info.


If awarded, please be advised that the business/applicant’s application information, name, statements, and other information provided during the loan process may be used for promotional purposes in all forms and media and the business/applicant may be contacted by OF and/or the program sponsors for such purposes. Applicant grants to OF and the program sponsors a perpetual license to use such information without additional compensation (except where prohibited by law), and without any right to review and/or approve such content. Until notified, applicants must agree not to share any status as a finalist publicly, including but not limited to all social media platforms, news media, or local publications.