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Ravenswood Family Health Center

Opportunity Fund invested $19.9 MM in this 38,000 square foot family health center providing primary care and other health services.

Ravenswood Family Health Center

Health Services

Founded in 2001, Ravenswood Family Health Center serves a diverse population of low-income families and uninsured residents in south San Mateo County. Opportunity Fund provided the largest portion of the financing for Ravenswood’s new two-story 38,000 square foot multi-specialty clinic that supports primary care services, mental health counseling, health education, laboratory, imaging, optometry exams, and pharmacy services for low-income residents in East Palo Alto. 

The old facility, including the main 7,800 square foot “temporary” clinic, served 11,617 patients in 2013, representing just 30% of estimated demand. Completed in 2015, Ravenwood’s new health center building now provides access to affordable, comprehensive health care services to an additional 6,392 low-income persons (a 55% increase). 93% of Ravenswood’s patients live at or below Federal Poverty Level, which is $22,350 for a family of 4.

The new facility was the first ground-up construction of a permanent facility in East Palo Alto in the past 10 years. Included in the project was the demolition of a house known as a base for drug dealing and a yard full of junked vehicles. Since the new facility opened, many of the surrounding open acres of land have been purchased for technology and light industry development which will bring jobs to the area. 

$19.9 million

invested in a 38,000 square foot family health center providing primary care and other health services


Community Impacts:

-   214 full-time equivalent jobs created or retained 

-   116 construction jobs

-   18,376 unique individuals served annually (98% are low-income, 96% are minorities, and 35% are at-risk youth)

Community Demographics & Characteristics:

-   Median income: 60.7% of Area Median Income

-   45% of the residents of East Palo Alto live at or below the Federal Poverty Level

-   U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services HRSA Medically Underserved Area