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Compass Family Services

Opportunity Fund provided a $14.2MM investment to finance the acquisition and rehabilitation of this 18,145 square foot building.

Compass Family Services

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In 2018, Opportunity Fund provided a $14.2MM investment to finance the acquisition and rehabilitation of a 18,145 square foot building that will house the mental health services and administrative offices of Compass Family Services (“CFS”). CFS is the largest provider of support services to homeless families in San Francisco. Over 90% of families in CFS’ housing programs do not become homeless again, one of the highest amongst all service providers in San Francisco.

The Tenderloin neighborhood within which the project is located has a significant poverty rate of 36.3%, median income that is 46.6% of Area Median Family Income, and 10.5% unemployment rate (1.33x the national average).  

The programs that would be co-located in the new facility will combine to help an estimated 3,700 unduplicated parents and children each year to achieve housing stability, economic self-sufficiency, and family well-being. An estimated 600 additional unduplicated persons will also be served outside of this facility. 80% of CFS’ clients are estimated to be persons of color.

Compass Family Services tries to employ formerly homeless individuals as well as individuals with other lived experience that enables them to work effectively with homeless and very low-income families. To that end, approximately 20% of CFS’ workforce is formerly homeless themselves.

$14.2 million

invested in this new facility

 Compass Family Services

 Projected Community Impacts:

-   3,700 unique individuals served annually (100% low-income, 80% minorities)

-   61 full-time equivalent jobs created or retained (40 accessible to low-income persons), all receiving benefits

-   65 construction jobs created receiving benefits

Community Demographics & Characteristics:

-   Poverty rate: 36.3%

-   Unemployment rate: 10.5% (1.33x national average)

-   Median income: 46.6% of Area Median Income