New Markets Tax Credit
Native American Health Center

The Seven Directions Project delivers state-of-the-art medical care to a low-income Native American community.

Native American Health Center

Modern Amenities

Seven Directions, a project of the Native American Health Center (NAHC) in Oakland, is a state-of-the art medical and wellness center featuring an outdoor community ceremonial space and 36 units of affordable family housing.

The project broke ground in June of 2007 after nearly a decade of planning by the NAHC to meet the community's desire to have high quality, culturally respectful healthcare as well as a space that reflected the traditions of the Native American Community. The San Francisco Bay Area has the second largest urban concentration of Native Americans in the country (2000 Census). 

This community also expressed concerns that the facility address a serious need in the neighborhood: the lack of affordable housing. As a mixed-use project, Seven Directions fulfills multiples dreams by serving low income families in the community with both access to healthcare and housing.

Using capital generated from its allocation of New Markets Tax Credits Opportunity Fund provided $4.94 million in loans for the construction of the healthcare clinic portion of the Seven Directions project.

Built in 1927, their former facility provided 16,000 patient encounters ("visits") a year. Opening in October 2008, the new state-of-the-art center is projected to increase patient encounters by at least 25%.  It will provide local low-income residents with a full range of community healthcare and prevention services including primary medical care, comprehensive dental care, family guidance counseling, HIV prevention, and AIDS treatment.

Native American Health Center

Delivering Healthcare

With the expanded and more functional space, NAHC has the ability to deliver on more specific programs that target unmet health needs in the Native American and other low-income communities, such as prenatal care, infant, children, and women's health, family and child guidance, and youth services.

The Seven Directions project preserves high quality health and wellness services for future generations while maintaining a cultural asset for the Native American Community in the East Bay. The 26,000-square-foot building will include two totem poles, and outdoor water-wall, a native plant garden, a mosaic store pole, and a Native-American themed marquee.

NAHC is the sole healthcare provider targeting the Native American community in this area and has become a traditional model for Native American Health Care providers nationwide. The clinics almost exclusively serve a client base whose income is under 200% of the Federal Poverty Standard.