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Coachella Valley Rescue Mission

An $11.44 million investment helped establish a facility for the homeless, chronically jobless, and displaced in Coachella Valley.

Coachella Valley Rescue Mission

An Emergency Shelter

The Coachella Valley Rescue Mission serves clients who are homeless, temporarily displaced from the workforce or chronically jobless. Located in a rural agricultural community, CVRM is the only emergency walk-in shelter between the City of Riverside and the Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada borders.

The old facility was built in the 1930s and housed General Patton's troops during training exercises. In fact the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission's clients slept in the same beds used by the troops, while overflow clients slept in the chapel.

In the 1970s, CVRM purchased the adjacent building, which was previously a bar and now serves as the women's and children's shelter. Combined, these two buildings totaled 9,700 sq.ft.

$11.44 million
invested in the facility

Coachella Valley

New Facility

The new facility contains 43,000 sq.ft., permitting CVRM to dramatically expand its programs.

Serving exclusively very low-income men, women and their children, the new facility increased the number of beds from 80 to 250. Fifty emergency shelter beds have been added. Two hundred seventy-four thousand hot meals will be provided annually, along with 18,200 food boxes distributed to needy families in the community. New services, such as English literacy and job training are provided in dedicated spaces.