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In the News | March 28, 2019

Opportunity Fund’s CEO Sees Leadership As ‘Helping Others Reach Their Full Potential’

March 2019 — Opportunity Fund's CEO, Luz Urrutia, is an honoree in the 2019 Silicon Valley Business Journal Latino Leadership Awards program.

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In the News | February 6, 2019

How Small Businesses Can Prepare for the Next Government Shutdown

January 2019 — The federal government shutdown may be over—at least temporarily—and some government employees may get back pay—but no one is reimbursing millions of small businesses hit hard by the shutdown. They’re hurting, and they’re unlikely to recover soon, if at all. What can small businesses do to recover from this shutdown and prepare for the next time a president or Congress decides to shut down the government?

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In the News | January 17, 2019

California Knows How to Boost Air Quality and Independent Truck Drivers

January 2019 — Truck drivers often face various financing barriers — many are people of color and immigrants, especially in the communities Opportunity Fund targets. Opportunity Fund’s truck driver loans are part of the On-Road Heavy-Duty Vehicle Air Quality Loan Program, created in 2009 by the California Air Resources Board, the clean air agency for the state of California. Under the program, the California Air Resources Board guarantees against all possible losses for loans made in alignment with the program’s goals — encouraging participating lenders to make loans they might otherwise view as too risky to make. Additionally, the pollution reduction the truck loan program is achieving has an impact on more than just the planet’s health — it’s also critical for people.

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In the News | January 13, 2019

Small Loans Make Big Difference for Businesses Owned by Women, Minorities

January 2019 — Money is crucial fertilizer for small businesses, but many entrepreneurs — especially women, people of color and low-income groups — lack easy access to loans. That’s particularly problematic because studies show that most job creation happens at small enterprises. Opportunity Fund is seeking to address this dilemma, by expanding lending to reach additional underserved entrepreneurs through what the financial industry calls microlending — relatively small loans that have a social as well as financial mission.

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In the News | December 14, 2018

Want More US Jobs? Kill Our Restrictive Immigration Policies

December 2018 — We desperately need more new jobs, yet we are pursuing immigration policies that will make the situation even worse. Productivity, innovation, and new job creation in the U.S. will continue to stagnate if we can’t do something to reinvigorate entrepreneurship. The politics of fear have convinced many that immigrants are a threat to our prosperity, but Opportunity Fund Founder and Senior Advisor Eric Weaver outlines four facts to prove why we should be encouraging more immigrants to settle here and start businesses.

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