Stakeholder Survey: What We Learned From You!

Posted on Jan 05, 2017 by Jacqueline Heinrich


We heard you! Thanks to your input on our recent stakeholder survey, we see that we have an amazing community to celebrate. We appreciate the time you took to help us understand who you are, why you support Opportunity Fund, and how we can improve how we keep you informed and involved.



Who are you? You describe yourselves as passionate about economic development and education in the U.S., and inclined to support a strong organization that demonstrates self-sufficiency, meaningful results, and transparency.


What do you love about Opportunity Fund? You are as excited about our mission and the strength of our organization as we are! You choose to support Opportunity Fund because of our direct impact on our clients and their communities—the top reasons being local investment, job creation/retention, and providing access and opportunity to help overcome wealth inequality. You find the most critical outcomes of our work to be the number of people positively impacted and improvements in their economic empowerment and security.



Transparency, accountability, and trust are also important to you—85% of you said that you feel Opportunity Fund is an efficient steward of your donations, and 80% have recommended Opportunity Fund to a friend as an organization they should support. Thank you!


What should Opportunity Fund do differently? Some of you feel that we could do a better job at explaining how your donations are used. Accountability is at the heart of our relationship to our supporters, so we will strive to provide more information about the wide-ranging impacts of your generosity more explicitly and broadly.


We will also take to heart your input about what kind of events are most engaging to you (social events and learning opportunities) and the easiest to attend (evening events, webinars) so your experience with Opportunity Fund is always vibrant and fun. Keep your eye out for more of your favorite kinds of communications (Annual Reports, Client Spotlights, Newsflashes), and additional outreach with that personal touch you love.  



What’s next? Stay informed. In addition to the goodies you receive in your email inbox, we regularly post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn with updates about our clients, events, programs, and more. Coming across an Opportunity Fund post in your stream is sure to brighten your day!


Inform others. Social media is easy to share with friends. Imagine the impact if even a few friends of each of our stakeholders jumped on the Opportunity Fund bandwagon and became supporters.


Inform us. We would be happy to receive at any time any additional thoughts and comments you have about our work and your experience as a donor.  If you would like to share your concerns or opinions, please contact Kelly Hardesty at


Thank you to those who took the survey and provided such useful feedback! We are excited to better serve the people whose support we rely on so much. 




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