Rosita is graduating! Congratulations!

Posted on May 23, 2014 by Alma Elizondo-Bailey

Rosita graduates from SJSU

As college graduates prepare to shift their tassels and accept their diplomas, some of them leave school with one discouraging distinction: big debt.


That's why Rosita was ecstatic when she heard about Opportunity Fund's microsavings program. "If I hadn't been part of Opportunity Fund's matched savings program, I'd be deep in debt."


Rosita, originally from San Bernardino, just finished her Master's degree in Spanish from San Jose State University. She is the first in her family to graduate from college, as well as the only one to earn an advanced degree.


To achieve this distinction, Rosita needed additional financial support. "I was planning to work more hours and was considering taking on more student loans to be able to afford my tuition, when a friend referred me to Opportunity Fund and everything got better."


Rosita enrolled in Opportunity Fund's microsavings program, completed financial education classes, and saved $167 every month to pay for school. Our donors - people like you - matched her savings 2:1, granting her access to $6,000 to help cover tuition.


Rosita has exciting plans for her future. She aspires to teach and is looking forward to motivating her students to continue their education. Rosita believes that higher education opens doors to better opportunities.


Opportunity Fund also believes in the power of education. It is a clear pathway to prosperity, a doorway to a future filled with possibilities. A person with a college degree will earn $1,340,000 more over her lifetime. 


"I cannot stress enough how thankful I am for Opportunity Fund. Thanks to your support, I am graduating." 


Congratulations, Rosita!


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