Opportunity Fund Spotlight: Fredrick W. Lee - Leading through Philanthropy

Posted on Feb 15, 2017 by Monica Castro

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The impulse to give back is embedded in us all. The word “philanthropy” is a combination of two ancient greek words: philos (love) and anthropos (humanity). This translates to “the love of humanity.” Philanthropy has come to mean giving, but this act of kindness is due to an act of love and desire to help others.

Opportunity Fund benefits from YOUR LOVE. It is the generosity of our strong community of donors, supporters and philanthropists that enables us to make a positive impact in our community. 


Leading through Philanthropy

Donor Spotlight:

Meet Fredrick W. Lee, Opportunity Fund champion and supporter.

Donor Fredrick W. LeeFredrick first connected with Opportunity Fund on a Bay Area walking tour many years ago. Now living in Los Angeles, he supports Opportunity Fund’s impact in Southern California.

“I believe in Opportunity Fund's mission to help, inspire and empower others in entrepreneurship, higher education and financial independence.”


Why do you support Opportunity Fund?
I believe in providing economic resources to small businesses and college students.
What do you find most interesting or inspiring about the work Opportunity Fund does for the community?
I am always inspired by the stories of individual success that highlight Opportunity Fund's impact helping people succeed in starting a business and going to college.
In addition, Opportunity Fund's leadership to address predatory lending in the State of California and the passage of the Small Business Borrower's Bill of Rights showed a strong commitment to helping all California small businesses with access to open and affordable funding. It was truly inspiring.
What would you tell someone who is thinking about supporting this work? 
Spend time meeting the people who make Opportunity Fund run. During this meeting, they will provide you with full transparency and honesty not found in many nonprofits. In addition, Opportunity Fund is one of those organizations that is receptive to feedback that is helpful in growing and meeting program goals and objectives.
Donors like Fredrick have inspired us to do more, to work harder and to serve more Californian families each year. THANK YOU for leading through philanthropy, Fredrick!

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