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Donor Spotlight: Evelyn Huang

 "Opportunity Fund is near and dear to my heart, both for the mission it stands for and for the team of people who make it magical."

This month, our longtime supporter, former staff member and enthusiastic Opportunity Fund ambassador Evelyn Huang shares her thoughts and some personal stories about her commitment to Opportunity Fund and the field of microfinance.

Why do you choose to support Opportunity Fund?
Opportunity Fund has and will continue to make an impact on our community that far outweighs its size, and it is filled with individuals who are passionate about making the world a better place. I've spent my career imagining and re-imagining what a different financial world could look like across banks, nonprofits, and startups, and I believe that Opportunity Fund is building bridges across those communities that will lead to a greater impact.

How do you think Opportunity Fund is improving the community?
The numbers speak for themselves - $57M invested, 2835 families helped, and 2725 jobs created/sustained in 2013 alone! When our microfinance clients become the "it" spot for San Francisco foodies or get acquired by Google, I feel a flash of pride knowing that without Opportunity Fund's support, these companies and jobs might not exist.

 What is one of your most memorable experiences as an Opportunity staff members?
My most memorable experiences at Opportunity Fund blend together into a montage of our clients. The looks of pride when their companies reach a new milestone; the samples of products they make with love, and the shift from puzzlement to empowerment when they take control of their financial lives. I also learned what it meant to be a leader, how to care for individual people while pursuing scale. I met some of the most inspiring individuals of my career that continue to be a model for how I want to live my life, at work and at home. I cherish our hard work, our laughter, and our meaning.

"People often think of microfinance as an international, third-world need. However, there are pockets of low-income families in our own neighborhoods that are struggling. A few simple actions - donating, volunteering, or joining in Opportunity Fund's work - can make a big difference in the health of our own communities. Microfinance isn't a hand out - it's a hand up."
-- Evelyn Huang, Opportunity Fund Donor
Microfinance in your backyard needs YOU!
The hard-working men, women, and children Opportunity Fund supports benefit from your help. When you support Opportunity Fund, you are sending kids to college, and helping small business owners grow their businesses, create jobs and become leaders in their communities.
More About Evelyn
Evelyn Huang runs the Design Thinking and Strategy team at Capital One. She focuses on bringing design thinking to product and service development across the company. Her hope is to use creativity and technology to change banking in a way that helps people. She also teaches at Stanford's and consults with organizations trying to shift from a top-down analytical approach to a lean, collaborative process for innovation.
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