How Did Emilia Do it?

Posted on Nov 03, 2016 by Jacqueline Heinrich

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For too many Californians the opportunity to get ahead is merely a dream.

Today marks the first day of Opportunity Fund’s fall fundraising campaign, Close the Gap.
During the season of giving, Opportunity Fund hopes to raise $300,000, so that we can provide the microloans for small business owners and microsavings accounts for college students and families that will close the gap between dreams and opportunities.
This year, with YOUR help, we can close the opportunity gap for 3,000 people, like we did for Emilia, by investing in her dream to build a business that supports her family and dozens more entrepreneurs.
Talent and toil should be enough to ensure success, but with the cost of living in California soaring, 1 in 3 families do not earn enough to pay for food, rent, transportation and other essential needs.
It could have been the same for Emilia.
When the building housing Emilia’s commercial kitchen was suddenly foreclosed on, she wasn’t the only one out of a job. Her kitchen supported 300 food trucks. Emilia had almost no savings and the bank wouldn't give her a loan. Like many others, she was stuck on the wrong side of the opportunity gap. 
We believe that, together with your help, we can change that. We can close the gap between dreams and opportunities by supporting entrepreneurship and education.

Your gift today can help 3,000 small business owners and low-income students who are working hard to get to the other side of the opportunity gap. Your support can make all the difference. 

Click here to help Emilia and stay tuned to learn more about Emilia's story.

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$50/month - matches a student's monthly savings 


$250 provides business advising to an unbanked entrepreneur


$500 helps a student pay for books to study and get ahead


$1,000 supports a job at a local ‘Opportunity Funded’ business


$2,500 funds a loan officer to drive economic activity in your community


$5,000 transforms a family's life by providing access to working capital



Help us close the gap between dreams and opportunities.






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