December Spotlight: The Healing Tree + 🎁 Opportunity Fund's 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Posted on Dec 15, 2016 by Alma Elizondo-Bailey
Are you ready for the holidays? Are you still looking for the perfect gifts? Use our #OpportunityFunded gift guide to make your friends and family smile while supporting thriving entrepreneurs like Lenny and Pavinee in your community.

Happy Holidays and have fun shopping!

- The Opportunity Fund Team
Lenny and Pavinee
The Healing Tree | Loan amount:
$25,000 | Employees: 8

As a family-owned business, The Healing Tree aims to produce natural health products and services by specializing in teas and herbs from around the world. Founder Lenny and his wife Pavinee regularly travel to China, Thailand and India in search of holistic health products to bring to the U.S.

In 2010, The Healing Tree was ready to expand, but no bank would give them a loan. Lenny and Pavinee turned to Opportunity Fund for support. With a $25,000 loan they developed a wholesale & online retail division, which allowed them to create their own brand of natural wellness products, employ more people, and expand their business.

Baba Joon

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Lenny and Pavinee are not only committed to good health, they also use product sales to support charities dedicated to war veterans, animals, and homeless shelters. For every online order, a travel-sized soap is donated to a U.S. homeless shelter.

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Chocolates Chewies by Baba Joon
Chocolate Chewies by Baba Joon
Your friends and family will be delighted with these delicious chewie cookies that are also low-fat, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

"With Opportunity Fund's help, I was able to purchase an air conditioner for my kitchen so that we can keep cooking Chewies all day long!" - Baba Joon

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Scarves by Stevie Howell
Scarves by Stevie Howell
Made from textiles inspired by Stevie’s original artwork, each beautiful scarf is sustainably made.

“It gave me a ton of confidence knowing that others believed in what I was building, and provided me tools necessary to take my business to the next level.” – Stevie Howell

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Zycle Fix
Zycle Fix
From cruisers to road bikes, Zycle Fix offers a wide selection of bikes in fun colors combos.

“We were told our business history wasn’t long enough or our business wasn’t big enough,but Opportunity Fund was able to help us. We went from a 5,000 square foot warehouse to a 13,000 square foot warehouse within 6 months after the loan" - Ike Solano

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Give Opportunity
Give Opportunity
Make a donation in someone's honor. This is the ultimate gift to show your friends and family how much you care. Plus the Leslie Family Foundation will match your gift through December 31st.

"I want to create opportunities in a world where chances to get ahead are narrowing. Opportunity Fund is leading the way in our communities." - Sylia Obagi, Regional Board Member

Give the gift of opportunity

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