Opportunity Fund's 2017 Annual Report Is Available Online: See the Impact of Your Support!

Posted on Jan 23, 2018 by Luz Urrutia

Thanks to your support, Opportunity Fund continues to advance the economic well-being of enterprising people by helping them earn, save, and invest in their future. Last year, we invested $66,474,447 in the dreams of 5,537 entrepreneurs and students. We also invested $30.6 million in three major community real estate projects that will create jobs and provide critical services to thousands more underserved Californians.

Together, we helped entrepreneurs like Aurora, who's keeping her bridal shop alive despite a downturn in customers as a result of expanded immigration enforcement in her community. We celebrated the grand opening of Educare in San Jose, a school dedicated to providing effective early childhood education to financially disadvantaged children. We supported students like Cindy, who recently graduated from UC Davis – the first in her family to earn a degree. And we advocated for responsible public policies, producing original research to catalyze change.

Opportunity Fund continues to be a financially sound and strong organization. As we grow, our community of supporters grows with us. Thank you for belieiving in us. Go to to read the full report.

I'm looking forward to the road ahead! Thank you for your support—we can't do it without you!


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Luz Urrutia, CEO

P.S. We will be sharing our 2017 impact results, reviewing Opportunity Fund's financial health, and discussing our plans for 2018 and beyond at our Impact Meetings in February and March. I invite you to join us!


We welcomed our new CEO Luz Urrutia
Luz brings a wealth of experience in community banking, alternative financial services, and small dollar lending, working to expand access to financial services in underserved communities throughout the U.S. for more than thirty years.

Expanding Business

We expanded businesses
Opportunity Fund provided 2,188 loans to talented entrepreneurs to help them pursue their dreams, support their families, and create and sustain jobs in their communities.

We expanded communities
By leveraging federal tax credits, Opportunity Fund invested in high-impact community real estate projects that will create jobs and provide critical services to Californians in underserved communities.

We expanded futures
Opportunity Fund helped 503 students open savings accounts to achieve their dreams.

We said thank you...800 times
Thank you to our community of donors, supporters, board members, clients and staff! We couldn't drive economic mobility without your support. Thanks to you, we can help close the gap between dreams and achievements at an unprecedented scale.

Annual Report

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