"Nana pushed me to earn my college degree, Opportunity Fund helped me save for it"

—Kiara, Wesleyan

Kiara's story

Kiara saved $6,000 and achieved her dream of graduating from Wesleyan University.

From East Palo Alto

Growing up in East Palo Alto, Kiara was determined to go to college but she worried about affording it. When she was accepted at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, Kiara was thrilled; but the cost just to fly across the country was daunting.

With help from Opportunity Fund, Kiara began to save toward her college dream while she was still in high school. "I was in
disbelief that such an opportunity was made available, but it was true! The application process was simple, and my mom was right there with me," said Kiara.

She enrolled in our microsavings program, completed financial education classes, and saved $2,000 through her summer jobs to help pay for school. Our donors matched her savings 2 to 1, and she had $6,000 to help cover her costs as she headed off to college. “The process of saving each month taught me to be more aware and proactive. I had to be weary of the temptation of using my debit card, and start thinking about money management.”

Kiara IDA client

Commitment to Save

Kiara used her savings to help pay her tuition at Wesleyan, where she studied theater, African-American studies, and public health. Kiara graduated in May with the class of 2012! "The Opportunity Fund Microsavings program gave me time to save money and apply for other scholarships. Without a doubt, life would have been harder if I hadn't had this breathing room."

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