Two Amigos Western Wear

“It was almost impossible to get funding. I am very thankful for Opportunity Fund.”

— Adolfo, Two Amigos Western Wear

Adolfo's Story

Adolfo saw his community needed a store that catered to local farmers and ranchers. With loans from Opportunity Fund, he made Two Amigos Western Wear into the perfect one stop shop.

Riding Towards Success

When Adolfo moved to Oakley, a small Northern California town on the edge of Central Valley farmland, he saw the need for a store catering to local farmers, ranchers, and cowboys. “I race quarter horses at California fairs,” he said. “Every time we needed something, like riding boots, nice hats, outfits for riding, or accessories, there were no places to shop around here.”

Adolfo has been a self-starter his whole life, from the time he came to the U.S. from Mexico to find work at 14, to his other passion: training horses. As a state champion horse trainer, Adolfo knew what his fellow riders and ranchers needed to stay in style and competition.

“I kept passing by this empty shop for two years. It was perfect for the Western store I wanted to start,” said Adolfo. In 2006, Adolfo decided to move on from his 20+ years in the restaurant industry and bought the space he had been eyeing, opening Two Amigos Western Wear.

Two Amigos Western Wear was a hit in the community, but when Adolfo needed to increase inventory for his store, he couldn’t find funding. In 2013, he came to Opportunity Fund for a $47,000 loan. Since then, Opportunity Fund has worked with Adolfo on seven more loans of $40,000. “My business is growing together with Opportunity Fund,” said Adolfo.




A Store for the Community

Today, Two Amigos Western Wear is a one-stop shop with riding gear, like saddles, hats, boots; livestock feed; and horse care supplies. “It makes me happy when my customers walk in and say, ‘Look at how much inventory you have! This is a beautiful store,’” Adolfo said.

The Opportunity Fund loans helped Adolfo grow his business in many ways: improve cash flow, build inventory, and hire employees. He employs people from the neighborhood, and his son has been helping Adolfo since he was 12 years old. Now, Adolfo continues to hire and is working on opening a second location.

The success of Two Amigos Western Wear not only helps Adolfo provide for his family, but also allows him to give back to his community and apply his expertise in horses and retail to help others. “People come to me when they need anything,” he said. “I help them fill out paperwork to buy horses or provide items for giveaways and fundraisers. Anything they need, like hats or boots, I tell them to come in and pick it out.”

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