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Small business loans are about more than the dollars. It's a chance to succeed. Opportunity Fund is the nation's leading non-profit small business lender.

A loan enables small business owners to pursue their dream, support their family, and create jobs in their community. These entrepreneurs form the backbone of our economy. Most often, all they need is $21,000 to invest in their business. These small loans produce some big results: increased income, new jobs, and the faith that you can take charge of your own life.

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Small Business Loans.
Big Impact.

In the United States, 99.7% of private companies are small businesses. California alone is home to more than 3.6 million small businesses - employing over half of the state’s private sector workers. But 50% of small businesses fail because they are unable to get the loan they need.

Many businesses are unable to access loans from traditional financial institutions because they are too young or too small. Opportunity Fund works to expand access to financial services.

Our borrowers enter the financial mainstream with microloans that build a positive credit history and provide the working capital needed to expand operations and hire or retain employees.

  • Median loan size*: $21,000

  • Total loaned (all time thru end of FY18): $322,574,074 

  • Women business owners*: 910

  • Minority business owners*: 2,384

  • Low-moderate income borrowers*: 1,777

  • Business survival rate: 90%


  • Credit Score: 1/3 see 25+ point increase^

  • Jobs created or retained per loan: 3

  • Economic impact: $2 for every $1 loaned


    ^Borrowers receiving 2+ loans


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Help low-income entrepreneurs help themselves, create jobs, and strengthen our economy.