How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Food Truck

Irregular hours, changing locations, and a small storefront are challenges that can hold back your mobile food business. Social media is one of your biggest resources for growing your mobile food business. Check out these tips for how to best utilize social media platforms for your food truck.

Once your mobile food business is established and rolling along smoothly, you’ll want to invest your time in setting up and running social media accounts in order to boost your food truck.

Social Media is Where Your Customers Will Look to Find You

The nature of mobile food is that it is mobile. When your business is always moving and never keeping the same hours, you’ll need to post to social media in order for customers to find you. You can’t rely solely on attracting passersby on the street. Post your weekly schedule and any events to Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram – with a marked map or visually appealing photo of your food truck so they know how to spot you!

Post Menu Updates and Appetizing Content

Having a website for your mobile food business is crucial: this is where you can have your permanent menu, merchandise, About Us, and social media links. The downside to websites is that your customers and local community aren’t notified when you update your menu. This is where social media plays a vital role in letting people know when you have new menu items or restocked sold out products.

Photos and videos have the most engagement on social media, so invest in high-quality content to post. If your photography skills aren’t your strong suit, consider contracting a freelancer to take photos and videos. Customers will appreciate seeing Behind-the-Scenes footage, what your menu items look like, how you make your creations, and even others enjoying your food. You know what they say about trying street food – if there’s a line, it’s probably good!

Free (Or Inexpensive) Advertising

Paying for local-targeted ads on social media is a great way to get the word out about your food truck, even $10 a day will reach more potential customers. In today’s business world, it’s hard to reach your audience if you don’t pay to play.

Even if advertising isn’t in your small business’ budget, there are ways to advertise for free. If you post using relevant hashtags on Twitter or Instagram and add your location, people can organically find your photos and learn about your business. Take a look at this great list of free social media tools.

Offer Incentives to Connect With You

The easiest and most authentic free way to advertise your food truck is through word-of-mouth. If your customers post about you on their social media, their friends will want to check you out as well.

Consistent branding online is key according to Don McPeck of Mess Hall Canteen. In an interview about how he successfully markets his food truck, he emphasizes that using social media is mandatory. One way that he gets his customers to connect on social media is by taking photos of visitors who came a long way to eat his food and by offering secret menu items that are only mentioned on his Facebook page.

Other ideas for how to encourage organic sharing and mentioning: Offer a free side dish or small discount for customers who leave reviews on your Yelp or Facebook page, share customers’ photos on your own page, and make your business “Instagrammable” so customers will want to take photos and selfies with your truck and food.

Partner With Food Truck Networks

Connecting with your customers on social media is only one way to promote your business online. Look for food truck networks such as Off The Grid in Northern California. Often, these organizations will find venues for a few different food trucks to gather and promote the event (and your business!) on their own social media to attract a large crowd.

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