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Lia built a food service empire from the ground up with a dream, a lot of hard work, delicious food and support from
Opportunity Fund. She faced an uphill battle to expand her business, yet did not let roadblocks deter her. Thanks to the support of Opportunity Fund donors, she has become a successful business owner with 16 employees!

Opportunity Funders are funding opportunity

Did you know that women own 40% of all small businesses and, in recent years, are starting up businesses at rates five times faster than male founders? Yet, only 4% of dollars lent out by banks go to female small business owners.

But you can help. Opportunity Funders is a group of individuals who provide critical support to Opportunity Fund on a monthly basis. Your ongoing support will help Opportunity Fund to reduce costs and plan for the year ahead, budgeting and allocating resources to help the organization create opportunities — in the form of small loans— with transformative effects. By supporting Opportunity Fund’s mission, Opportunity Funders help their neighbors move forward on a path to economic and social mobility. No gift is too small — join today!


  • Welcome gift and Opportunity Funded merchandise from a local small business for your one-year anniversary.
  • Exclusive Invitations to social and networking events where you can expand your network and meet like-minded individuals.
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  • Special access to conference calls and webinars with the Executive Director and other subject experts.

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Help entrepreneurs help themselves, create jobs, and strengthen our economy.

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Say “YES” to the dreams of 3 families working toward economic mobility



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To learn more, please contact Marta Buchanan at marta@opportunityfund.org or 408-385-7616.