Shift Collaborative

Sarah Mayer founded Shift Collaborative in Pittsburgh as a mission-oriented creative services firm. “We founded the business on the philosophy of working with change-makers doing amazing things and advocating positive change in their community,” Sarah said.   

Staff retention at Shift Collaborative is key to maintain the company culture. Sarah needed a small business loan to secure cash flow and keep her employees in place. She had options to get the funding she needed, but none were the right fit.

Like many small business owners, Sarah has a hand in nearly everything the business does. This makes it difficult to take time to work on a long and complex loan application. “There was just a ton of paperwork,” she said of loan options she tried, like through her bank and credit cards. “I wanted to get it done quickly.” 

Sarah found Opportunity Fund through our partnership with LendingClub. She chose to work with us for our easy-to-get and fast small business loans. “The loan process can be extremely time intensive,” she said. “The folks at Opportunity Fund have been easy to work with. Everyone I worked with made it really smooth.”

In partnership with Lending Club, Opportunity Fund was able to provide Sarah with the funding she needed to retain her staff and do more impactful work in her community. 

“Without the loan, we might have had to scale back on staffing,” she said. “That would have drastically changed our business and been difficult for us. The loan has allowed us to maintain our staff’s employment.” 

Now that Shift Collaborative has the working capital they need, Sarah can focus on the next big thing for her company. With new projects in business development ahead, Sarah is hoping to staff up her current part-time employees to full-time. Long term, she hopes to double her company’s profits in the next year.   

We’re honored to work with fellow difference makers and community development organizations like Shift Collaborative. We’ll be there to support Sarah’s future business goals. “Every month we’re trying to do something beyond our work and just helping our clients,” she said. “We’re working to help these organizations in our community and nationwide.”

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