Thank you, Amy Gurley, for your Board service, and Welcome to our Leadership Council!

Amy Gurley has been a long-time friend, supporter and advisor of Opportunity Fund, especially as an active member of our Board of Directors since 2013. This year, Amy leaves our Board of Directors and joins our Leadership Council. We thank Amy for her valuable commitment to serving on our Board and welcome her to Opportunity Fund’s Leadership Council.

“I am deeply grateful for all of Amy’s time and work on our Board of Directors, and the sound advice and support she’s provided me since I joined Opportunity Fund. I am very excited to have her join our Leadership Council,” said Luz Urrutia, Opportunity Fund’s CEO. “Amy has believed in Opportunity Fund as we have grown, supported us in multiple ways, and helped the small business owners we serve to achieve success. We look forward to working with Amy to shape Opportunity Fund in its exciting next chapter.”

Amy joined Opportunity Fund’s Board of Directors in 2013, as a champion for the fight against economic inequality. During Amy’s time on the Board, Opportunity Fund has seen its lending grow exponentially, deepening our impact in California and forging a national expansion through a partnership with LendingClub. She also helped to launch our first Impact Investing Notes. Now, as Amy joins our Leadership Council, Opportunity Fund continues to grow and serve our clients in new and better ways than ever before.

“I am more convinced every day that doing what we can to close the socio-economic divide is more important and relevant than ever, and I couldn’t be more pleased to support clients of Opportunity Fund in their successes,” said Amy Gurley, Opportunity Fund Leadership Councilmember.

“Amy has been a dedicated member of the Board in the time that we have served together, not to mention in the time before I joined the Board myself,” said Greg Avis, Chair of the Board of Directors. “I am excited to continue working with her as a member of our Leadership Council.”

Thank you, Amy, for your incredible service on our Board of Directors, and welcome to our Leadership Council!