Opportunity Fund Welcomes Adriana Eiriz to Lead Sales and Partnerships Team

Opportunity Fund is pleased to announce that Adriana Eiriz will be joining the organization as Vice President of Sales and Partnerships. She joins Opportunity Fund’s leadership as the organization is celebrating its 25th anniversary, bringing with her 30 years of relevant experience.

“The opportunity to lead the Sales and Partnership teams for Opportunity Fund is extremely meaningful. These teams play an important role in reaching small businesses that need accessible lending to consolidate and grow, especially among low income groups, immigrants, and women,” said Eiriz.

“We’re also tasked with developing long lasting partnerships in our communities and across different verticals so that our outreach is more extensive and even more inclusive. I am very excited to help close the gap between dreams and opportunities.”

Over the course of her career, Eiriz led multiple sales teams and managed strategic partnerships at companies such as MoneyGram International, Nexxo Financial Corp., Vivar Advertising, LLC (part of Quigley-Simpson), and Lexicon Marketing. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Eiriz is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and holds a brown belt in Karate-do Shotokan.

“Adriana’s many years of experience fighting for the underserved and her enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit will greatly benefit Opportunity Fund’s mission to promote economic opportunity by delivering affordable capital and responsible financial solutions,” said CEO Luz Urrutia.

“She’ll be a driving force and key factor behind the execution and success of our five-year strategic plan.”