Leading through Philanthropy: Words from our Donors and Development Staff

As we honor love in the month of February, the month of Valentine’s Day, we want to highlight an important type of love: the love of giving back through philanthropy.

The impulse to give back is embedded in us all. The word “philanthropy” is a combination of two ancient Greek words: philos (love) and anthropos (humanity). This translates to “the love of humanity.” Philanthropy has come to mean giving, but this act of kindness is due to an act of love and desire to help others.

Opportunity Fund benefits from YOUR LOVE. It is the generosity of our strong community of donors, supporters and philanthropists that enables us to make a positive impact in our community. Thank you!

We celebrate the month of love by sharing insights from our donors, who are extraordinary examples of community leadership and philanthropy, as wells as leaders of the Opportunity Fund Development staff, who work with our incredible donors and witness the power of philanthropy every day.

“I continue to support Opportunity Fund in its efforts to provide entrepreneurs with the tools and resources to start and grow their businesses. With shrinking resources from the government, Opportunity Fund is stepping up to the plate to help small businesses succeed.” – Fredrick Lee, Individual Donor


“Opportunity Fund is lucky to have a community of donors who understand the power of ‘Yes!’ Their gifts don’t just provide financial support to drive Opportunity Fund’s mission. Through their contributions, our donors show they believe in our clients –in their drive and potential, and in their ability to transform their own lives.” – Gwyneth Galbraith, Chief Development Officer, Opportunity Fund



“Opportunity Fund’s commitment to providing entrepreneurs with the resources and support they need to achieve their goals has the potential to change lives and communities.” – Jessica Kaczmarek, The James Irvine Foundation, Institutional Donor


“During a time of needed hope and change, I’m am so encouraged by the action of our Opportunity Fund community to step up and impose change through their support of our clients. With the generous commitment of our Opportunity Funders we are helping to narrow the gap between the haves and have nots.” – Iosefa Alofaituli, Southern California Regional Director, Opportunity Fund

“I believe in expanding access to financial education and resources, democratizing entrepreneurship, and the life-long impact of effective coaching and mentorship. For all of these reasons, I am proud to support the work and mission of Opportunity Fund.”
– Frank Ghali, Individual Donor


“What I appreciate about our donors is that they understand the long-term impact of their gifts on their communities and small businesses nationwide. When they donate to Opportunity Fund, they may not get the immediate gratification that donating to other charities can provide, yet they know their partnership with Opportunity Fund has even more impact, as it allows us to invest in people who are changing their communities and lives for the better, for good.” – Monica Healy, Senior Manager, Annual Fund