EntrepreneurTracker results are in!

Opportunity Fund is proud to participate in the EntrepreneurTracker Outcomes Survey to measure outcomes of our work. The survey is authored and managed by FIELD at The Aspen Institute, the preeminent research institution on the US microenterprise industry. Our 2017 survey results are in!

Through EntrepreneurTracker (part of the MicroTracker suite of services), Opportunity Fund measures outcomes of our lending, helping us answer a fundamental question that drives our work: Do the loans we offer help the business owners increase their own income and pay wages to their employees?

Here are the key findings about Opportunity Fund’s borrowers 1-2 years after receiving a loan:

* 23% of borrowers reported increased revenues in 2016 compared to when they got their loan

* 85% of borrowers said their business is their primary source of income

* Clients reported an average owner’s draw of $49,000


* 2.8 jobs created/retained per client (includes businesses that are operated as a sole-proprietorship)


* 95% business survival rate

In short, Opportunity Fund is making prudent investments in small businesses that are advancing the economic well-being of our Main Street entrepreneurs.

Mission-based lending isn’t about making a loan just to get it paid back. At Opportunity Fund, we make loans in order to help the business owner get ahead, and these results clearly demonstrate that our clients are doing just that.