Announcing Leslie Fund for Entrepreneurship

As the grandson of immigrants, Mark Leslie has a first-hand appreciation of the need to offer a hand-up to enterprising individuals who have the resolve, but not the resources, to achieve great things. And he is doing something about it. In partnership with Opportunity Fund, Mark, Debra, and their family have established the Leslie Fund for Entrepreneurship. Their generous pledge of $3,000,000 will help thousands of underserved entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses and create jobs. This gift is a game-changer for Opportunity Fund, providing a huge boost towards our goal to invest $100 million in California’s working families by 2018.

The Leslie family is committed to leveraging philanthropy to remove barriers, enabling those living at the margins to achieve their full potential.

Victor Caicero is a hardworking restaurant owner. He wanted to open a second location, but as an immigrant without a credit score, his options were limited. Fortunately, Victor was one of the first business owners to benefit from the Leslie Fund for Entrepreneurship, receiving a $10,000 microloan from Opportunity Fund to pursue his dream.