A Day in the Life of a Food Truck Owner

As the owner of Tony’s Tacos, Marisol wears many hats.
She is the cook, the menu designer, the grocery shopper, the marketing manager, the commercial truck driver, the office manager and, sometimes, the mechanic. But the hardest job of all is finding the financing to realize her dream.

It’s hard to run a business, especially one on wheels. A food truck can cost anything between $40,000 and $200,000. A steep price for small business owners, like Marisol, to pay.

“I tried to get financing, but it’s too expensive at most places. Plus, not every financial institution believes in new businesses and food trucks. it’s very hard for people like me to get funded.” Marisol said.

With the support of Opportunity Fund, the sky is the limit.
With a $75,000 loan Marisol was able to purchased her first food truck, Tony’s Tacos, named after her youngest son. Marisol employs 15 people and she is in the process of getting a second truck. “I’m grateful for Opportunity Fund and its community of donors and supporters who help people like me who come here from another country to work really hard and provide a better future for our families.”