Celebrating a Milestone of 5,000 Active Borrowers!

Thanks to you, 5,000 small business owners are growing businesses, creating jobs and building better lives for themselves and their families – RIGHT NOW!

For over 20 years Opportunity Fund has helped drive economic mobility for thousands of families by delivering affordable loans and responsible financial solutions to determined entrepreneurs and communities.

Last month, we reached a new milestone—thanks to the support of our donors, partners and the work of our incredible staff, our small business portfolio reached 5,000 active borrowers. You put your money in, and we delivered it to the communities and entrepreneurs who have the talent, but not the resources, to succeed. Right now, 5,000 people are pursuing a dream. Right now, 5,000 businesses – mostly minority-owned and many women-owned – are growing. And thanks to an impressive 95% repayment rate, when these loans are paid back, the dollars will recirculate back out to the next 5,000 businesses. (Or they can borrow again, to take their business to the next level!)

From chefs and personal trainers to graphic artists and landscapers, we are helping thousands of businesses in California and beyond to access affordable financial products and services that meet their needs, like Kei, owner of Sugarbird Sweets in Los Angeles.

Kei, owner of Sugardbird Sweets

Kei wanted to expand the menu of her tea stand at Los Angeles farmers markets and decided scones would be the perfect pairing. These scones were the start of her business, Sugarbird Sweets. Kei developed a variety of over 18 flavors in unique combinations of herbs, tea, and seasonal fruit. Her innovative flavors were a big hit and sold out every week. Despite enormous success, Kei still struggled to keep up with demand from farmers markets and then wholesale and restaurant clients, and needed additional funding. After being denied by other lenders and banks, Kei came to Opportunity Fund for a $10,000 loan to increase production and then a $20,000 loan to keep growing her business. Sugarbird Sweets continues to grow, including launching frozen, ready-to-bake scones sold at supermarkets near you.

Entrepreneurs, like Kei, form the backbone of our economy. They produce a ripple effect in the community by creating new jobs, increasing their income and generating new economic activity.

“I’m proud of the work that we are doing and excited to share this major milestone. My team is committed to keep working hard to help more entrepreneurs who need access to affordable financial services.” said Luz Urrutia, Opportunity Fund, CEO.


Small Business Loans. Big Impact.

– 5,000 active borrowers in our portfolio

– 95% repayment rate

– Median loan size: $21,000

– Women business owners: 32%

– Minority business owners*: 85%

– Low-moderate income borrowers*: 63%

– Business survival rate: 90%

– Credit Score: 1/3 see 25+ point increase^

– 3 Jobs created or retained per loan

– Total loaned (all time thru end of FY18): $322,574,074


^Borrowers receiving 2+ loans