Solid Business Plan? Check.
Hard Worker? Check.
Approved Loan? Well, that Should be a Check, too.

Remember when hard work and perseverance went a long way towards getting ahead? Today, despite working overtime, countless diligent Americans are struggling to make ends meet.

Fostering entrepreneurship in low-income communities is a proven path to prosperity. Access to even relatively small loans helps people make lasting changes in their own lives and in the communities they serve. But capital from traditional financial institutions is not always available. Over 8,000 small business loans are denied every day.

In many cases, their commercial ventures are profitable. Business plans are solid. They work long hours and employ others in the community. All that’s needed to achieve the dream of financial stability is access to the capital they need to sustain or grow their small business.

That’s where Opportunity Fund comes in. We provide loans to low- and moderate-income immigrants, women, and other deserving, but underserved small business owners. We’ve seen firsthand the ripple effect of such loans. Businesses grow, jobs are added, healthier communities and families thrive.

Let’s come together and make the world a fairer place, one loan at a time.

“I look forward to continuing my support of such a wonderful organization. We can do good that creates exponential returns.”
Alexis Zhu, Donor
Alexis Zhu, Donor
25 Years In the Making: Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going

In 1994, Eric Weaver, founder of Opportunity Fund, was an MBA graduate from the Stanford School of Business. Post-graduation, the perfect job eluded him. He was passionate about economic justice. After working with refugees in El Salvador and tenants' organizations in Washington, D.C., he saw how social justice efforts would benefit from business best practices.

At the time, President Clinton advocated for stronger enforcement of the Federal Community Reinvestment Act, encouraging banks to increase investments in low-income communities. A consortium of banks, led by Silicon Valley Bank, hired Eric, put him in a cubicle at the Community Foundation in downtown San Jose, and asked him to create Opportunity Fund.

In 2020, Opportunity Fund joined forces with Accion U.S. Network to create Accion Opportunity Fund to together provide national, scalable programs that leverage technology and data analytics with high-touch customer service to drive deep community impact.

Today, Opportunity Fund continues to drive economic mobility, fostering entrepreneurship, hard work, and ideas. Together, we are building a diverse, vibrant community where opportunity, knowledge, and access to capital are within reach.

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  • 1995
  • 1998
  • 2000
  • 2003
  • 2005
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  • 1994 - Lenders for Community Development founded

    Lenders for Community Development founded

  • 1995 - First small business loans made

    First small business loans made

  • 1998 - First $1 million in microloans made

    First $1 million in microloans made

  • 2000 - Converted to a 501(c)3 nonprofit

    Converted to a 501(c)3 nonprofit

  • 2003 - 1,000th loan made

    1,000th loan made

  • 2005 - First NMTC investment made

    First NMTC investment made

  • 2006 - Expanded to greater Bay Area

    Expanded to greater Bay Area

  • 2008 - Renamed Opportunity Fund

    Renamed Opportunity Fund

  • 2012 - Merged with Confianza to expand microlending to Southern California

    Merged with Confianza to expand microlending to Southern California

  • 2014 - 20th Anniversary

    20th Anniversary

  • 2016 - $100M in total microloans made

    $100M in total microloans made

  • 2017 - First small business loan outside of California piloting online partnership with LendingClub

    First small business loan outside of California piloting online partnership with LendingClub

  • New CEO, Luz Urrutia, joins Opportunity Fund

  • 2018 - 5,000 active borrowers

    5,000 active borrowers

What Unites Us

  • Vision

    We envision an inclusive world in which all entrepreneurs and communities have the opportunity to make their dreams come true.

  • Mission

    To drive economic mobility by delivering affordable capital and responsible financial solutions to determined entrepreneurs and communities.


  • Responsibility

    Our donors, investors, and clients trust us to be fiscally responsible, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and prudent investing.

  • Collaboration

    We achieve our highest goals when we work together, share ideas, and find win-win solutions with each other, our clients, and our partners.

  • Client Focus
    Client Focus

    Our clients are at the center of everything we do. We succeed when they succeed.

  • Opportunity

    Everyone deserves the chance to build a better life, no matter where they live, their ethnic background, or how much they earn today.

  • Innovation

    We constantly seek and develop creative new solutions to our clients evolving needs. Our commitment to innovation helps grow businesses, communities, and the economy.

  • Courage

    It takes courage to innovate, to take risks, and to pursue a dream. We honor and are inspired by our courageous clients, donors, and investors. We speak up and advocate for our clients and for our beliefs, even when remaining quiet might be easier.

Management Team

  • Luz Urrutia

    Luz Urrutia

    Chief Executive Officer

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  • Eric Weaver

    Eric Weaver

    Founder and Senior Advisor

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  • S. Jamila Buckner

    S. Jamila Buckner

    Chief People Officer

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  • Gwendy Brown

    Gwendy Brown

    Vice President, Research and Policy

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  • Adriana Eiriz

    Adriana Eiriz

    Vice President, Sales and Partnerships

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  • Chris Huang

    Chris Huang

    Director, New Markets Tax Credits

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  • A headshot of Laura Kvalheim, who is smiling and facing forward

    Laura Kvalheim

    Vice President, Technology and Project Management Office

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  • Michael Rapaport

    Michael Rapaport

    President, Chief Operating Officer

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  • Luis Rodriquez

    Luis Rodriquez

    Vice President, Operations and Compliance

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  • Gina Harman

    Gina Harman

    Chief Administrative Officer

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  • Kelly MacBeth

    Kelly MacBeth

    Vice President of Audit and Compliance

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