5 Free Business Tools For Veterans

Each month, we’re sharing and promoting free or affordable tools that help small business owners run their businesses better. This is your toolbox for five business tools for veterans.

Whether you’ve just left the service and are looking to start your own small business or are already a business owner and just need a little help, there are free resources out there for you. We’ve compiled this list of tools and resources that will help you find mentoring, networking, workshops, and a solid foundation of knowledge to successfully grow your small business as a veteran.

Veterans Business Resource Center

How much it costs: Free

What it does: The Veterans Business Resource Center is just that – an online center for resources. You can find information about the Boots to Business program, which offers instructional courses and support located online and at military bases. Other resources available through Vetbiz include training, networking events, small business counseling, and even a blog.

Bunker Labs

How much it costs: Free

What it does: With about a dozen locations across the country, Bunker Labs is a veteran-owned hotspot for helpful networking, workshops, and programs designed to help you and the military community. They also offer a community mobile app to stay connected with event calendars, business collaboration, messaging, and more. If you’re tired of dusty, government-operated organizations, Bunker Labs is perfect for your entrepreneurial style.

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans

How much it costs: Free for post 9/11 disabled veterans and families

What it does: The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with disabilities (EBV) is a three-part program designed to help you succeed in starting and running your own business. This immersive bootcamp is focused on training through a higher education setting. Phase one is an online course, phase two is a short residency at a participating EBV university, and phase three is year-long mentorship and support through the program’s mentors, network, and partners.

Veteran’s Affairs

How much it costs: Free

What it does: If you’re a vet, you are probably already familiar with Veteran’s Affairs. But did you know they have an office dedicated to helping you start and grow your small business. Their Veteran’s Entrepreneur Portal offers contracting assistance, workshops, interactive online tools, training, certification as a veteran-owned business, and many more tools and resources for you!

Honor, Courage, Commitment

How much it costs: Free

What it does: Honor, Courage, Commitment (HCC) is a Texas-based, veteran-run organization designed to empower veteran entrepreneurs and keep you connected to the military community even after you’ve left the service. They offer training and mentoring, workshops and networking opportunities, and reintegration programs through community service. Take a look at what HCC offers and see if they can help you and your small business.

We’re always looking for the best affordable online resources including tools to promote to small business owners like you. If you have a tool you’d like to share with fellow business owners, contact us at sblending@opportunityfund.org.

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