Opportunity Fund helps working families earn, save and invest in their futures

Economic inequality is widening in America. Our families are no longer better off with each passing generation. Talent and toil should be enough to ensure success, but today, too many people are stuck on the wrong side of the opportunity gap. Entrepreneurship and education remain proven pathways to prosperity.


Owner of Zycle Fix
South El Monte, CA


Opportunity Fund leverages federal tax credits to invest in high-impact community real estate projects

Community centers that provide vital services for working families are often overlooked and go unfunded. Opportunity Fund invests in high-impact infrastructure projects that provide critical medical, housing, and education services in underserved communities.


San Jose, CA


Opportunity Fund provides savings incentives to help students achieve a college degree

Only 8% of low income students graduate from college by age 24. A child is 7 times more likely to attend college if she has a savings account in her name.


San Jose State University
San Jose, CA


Opportunity Fund provides loans to small businesses

Every day, 8,000 businesses across the country seek credit and are denied by a bank. Small businesses employ 50% of American workers. Opportunity Fund backs entrepreneurs whose businesses are small, but whose collective impact drives economic mobility.


Owner of World Empanadas
Burbank, CA


Opportunity Fund is closing the opportunity gap so that hard work and perseverance means a shot at getting ahead, not just struggling to get by.


Owner of Earth Pro Landscaping
San Jose, CA

2017 Highlights


small business owners served

6,234 jobs created and retained

$65,714,158 invested in small businesses

2,188 loans to small business owners

Community Real Estate

low-income people served by new and existing community real estate projects

803 jobs supported

$30,600,000 invested in community real estate projects

3 projects funded in 2017


enrolled savers served

71% of college savers are first in their families to go to college

$1,340,675 total deposits and incentives

503 savings accounts opened


Microloans enable entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams, provide for their families, and support jobs in their communities. This year, Opportunity Fund expanded its lending from California to 12 new states online.

Cynthia, Sarah & Eric

Owners of Shift Collaborative
Pittsburgh, PA


Owner of Bridal & Tuxedo World
Watsonville, CA
Total Loaned: $15,000

"If it wasn't for Opportunity Fund's trust and support, I would have closed my business. I'd be working in the strawberry fields."

Community Real

Opportunity Fund leverages federal tax credits to invest in high-impact community real estate projects that advance economic well-being across communities.


San Jose, CA


San Jose, CA

"We are deeply grateful for the capital funding that Opportunity Fund helped us secure, which was critical to completing our building construction and creating an innovative beacon of early learning for low-income families in the immediate area and throughout the region. We served over 700 children and families in our first year, and we’re continuing to grow."
– Lisa Kaufman, Executive Director of Educare California at Silicon Valley


Savings accounts open the door to financial stability and mobility. We help people save for education and emergencies.


San Jose State University
San Jose, CA


UC Davis
San Francisco, CA

Amount Saved: $6,000

“My parents never had the opportunity or ability to pursue higher education. Being a first-generation, low-income student, I knew a high school diploma, college degree, and maybe even master’s degree would open more doors for me.”

Policy & Research

Opportunity Fund advocates for sensible public policies to close the opportunity gap and produces original research to move the conversation forward.

William & Isabel

Owners of Mechanics Zamer
Santa Ana, CA


Owner of Exclusive Window Cleaning
Chula Vista, CA

"Applying for financing is a confusing and often times discouraging process. While some lenders are open about their financing requirements, others are not."


Thank you to our supporters for their generosity and continued support!

Opportunity Fund’s community brings clients, donors, investors and staff together in a shared belief: small amounts of capital can drive permanent and lasting change.


Owner of Antojitos Colombianos
San Diego, CA

Our New CEO

Luz Urrutia

Pictured with Jimmy Orozco,
owner of Iguanas Burritozilla

"I'm passionate about opening doors to the financial system so hard-working individuals can increase their economic opportunities to get ahead."


Opportunity Fund helps people in California and beyond working to get ahead.


Dynamite Pest Control, Philadelphia

"As an entrepreneur, I can invest in myself and do something I enjoy while supporting my family. This business means everything to us."


San Jose State University

“Being the first in my family to pursue a higher education, the college journey came with many obstacles and sacrifices. Opportunity Fund allowed me to lessen the stress of my financial burden, giving me more time for my studies and involvement in my community.”


Iguanas Burritozilla, San Jose

“Traditional banks, big and small, didn’t understand our business model, and we kept getting shot down. Opportunity Fund believed in us and took the time to understand us… It feels great to be Opportunity Fund’s 10,000th loan!”


Cosmetica Latina, Downey

“Opportunity Fund was completely transparent. They helped me understand the loan process and showed me I wasn’t the only one who gets stuck with high interest loans from predatory lenders.”


GNC Kusina, Sacramento

“Madieu, my loan consultant, is there whenever I call him. Sometimes he comes all the way from the Bay Area just to visit us and see how we’re doing.”


Sage & Company, Huntington Beach

“After the recession, when banks were really no longer lending to small businesses, I found it hard to even approach a bank about financing. I was more than pleasantly surprised when I called Opportunity Fund and Miguel answered the phone with such a positive outlook - I knew immediately, this was going to turn out well!”

Individual Donors

The generosity of our funders supports hard-working families who are standing up to take charge of their financial well-being. Scroll down to see full list of donors.

Cathi Lundy

“Microfinance is one of the key tools stimulating economic growth around the world. Opportunity Fund is renewing our cities by helping bring this great resource to small business owners here in California and throughout the U.S.”

Fredrick Lee

"I continue to support Opportunity Fund in its efforts to provide entrepreneurs with the tools and resources to start and grow their businesses. With shrinking resources from the government, Opportunity Fund is stepping up to the plate to help small businesses succeed."

Dana Eckert

“Opportunity Fund embodies the American Dream, the ideal that everyone should have an equal opportunity to achieve success through hard work, determination and initiative. To me, investing in people’s dreams is one of the best ways to combat poverty.”

Sonia Wadhawan

“Opportunity Fund enables economic independence and growth at the grassroots level. This is a mission that I am passionate about supporting because we are investing in community change makers. This is the most basic and necessary form of entrepreneurship.”

Ron Gonen

“Supporting Opportunity Fund allows me to combine my love for entrepreneurship with my desire to have positive community impact. Owning your own business, creating jobs, and showing the next generation that anything is possible ... these are all wonderful things made feasible by microfinance.”

Frank Ghali

“I believe in expanding access to financial education and resources, democratizing entrepreneurship, and the life-long impact of effective coaching and mentorship. For all of these reasons, I am proud to support the work and mission of Opportunity Fund.”

Our Individual Donors

Opportunity Fund has earned Charity Navigator's 4-Star rating, the highest possible for accountability and transparency.

$1,000,000 +

Mark and Debra Leslie Fund for Opportunity

$100,000 - $999,999

Anne and Greg Avis

Cropper Family Fund

Gurley Family Fund

$10,000 - $99,999

Anonymous (1)

Carolyn Bowsher

Torie Clarke and James Brian Graham

Rebecca and Bud Colligan

Tammy and William Crown

Engel Family Fund

Shelley Harrison

Gwendolyn Holcombe and Carl Kawaja

Yun-Fang Juan

Amy and Glenn Kacher

Catherine and James Koshland

Sara Gaviser Leslie and Josh Leslie

Sharon and Seth Leslie

Tabitha Soren Lewis and Michael Lewis

Sally Liu and Bay-Wei Chang

Clare McCamy and Harrison Miller

Ash McNeely and Elisa Odabashian

Mary Porter and Douglas Koshland

Nancy and Joseph Ragey

Jennifer and Scott Sandell

Rhona and Richard Thompson

Luz Urrutia

Gail Koshland Wachtel

$5,000 - $9,999

The Brickyard Berridge Fund

Jade and Jason Calcanis

Cathy Crane Moley and Andrew Moley

Mary Dent

Dana and Andrew Eckert

Susan Ehrlich

The Gliffy Charitable Fund

Susan and Chuck Hawley

G. Thompson and Wende Hutton Fund

Mary Hynes and Marc Tessier-Lavigne

Laura and David Krane

Debra and Andrew Rachleff

Yolanda Ruiz and Roger Duke

Catherine Sanger

$1,000 - $4,999

Anonymous (6)

Annie Berlin and Frank Priscaro

Megan and Chad Bettor

Polly and Thomas Bredt

Lynn Brody and Daniel Markovitz

Cabot Brown

Roxann Burns

Julie and Stanley Chin

Kathy and Tom Chou

Rachael Claudio

Mary and Dave Cocca

Gina Diaz and Jorge Salazar

Catherine Hamrick-Down and Kenneth Down

Meredith and Barry Eggers

Robert Forsythe

Robert Friedman

Cherie Fuzzell

Penny and Gregory Gallo

Beth and James Gassel

Tammy and Patrick Geary

Robyn and Frank Ghali

Rebecca Goldsmith-Freedman and Mike Freedman

Judith Grant

David Greco

Cathy Greenwold

Gina Harman

Susan and Shawn Greene

Kathryn and Robert Hayes

Charlie Hays and Bob Kromin

Judy Heyboer

Rebecca Holcombe and James Bandler

Fiona Hsu

Evelyn Huang and Noah Degaetano

Clay and Janice Jackson and Family

Alma R. and Thomas R. Johnson Family Fund

Lil and Todd Johnson

Roger Johnson

Gina and Rich Kelley

David Krimm and Peter Bradley

Laura Kvalheim

Michelle and Michael Kwatinetz

Dominique Lahaussois and David Low

Pam and Peter Landes

Genni Lawrence

Layton Family Fund

Kim Le

Fredrick Lee

Connie and Bob Lurie Fund

Liz and Christopher Lynch

Darrin Martin

James McCann

Paulette Meyer and David Friedman

Barbro and Mike Moran

Jami and Stephen Nachtsheim

Lex Nakashima

Kristin and Anthony Noto

Beth and Martin O'Malley

Jennifer Pence

Craig and Emanuel Robinson

Kathy Rowden

Nicole Rubin

Molly Savitz and Jeffrey Merkowitz

Ursula Schorn

Suzanne Skees

Cherry and George Snelling

Katherine and Steve Spurlock

Brynne and David Staley

Elizabeth Stelluto-Dunaier and Howard Dunaier

Spencer Stratton

Michael Sullivan

Kimberly and Philip Summe

Fumi Tanaka and Aaron Cooperband

Debbie and Kevin Taweel

William Thorndike

Agnes Ubalde

Anna and Eric Vishria

Kristen Vogelsong and Zander Lurie

Linda Walton and John Muller

Maurice Clark Werdegar

Melanie Wilson

Denise Yamamoto and Josh Hannah

Jennifer and Bill Youstra

AnnMarie Zimmermann

Debra Zumwalt

$100 - $999

Anonymous (8)

Barbara Abbott

Lynn Adler

Aj Agarwal

David Ai

Mariela Aleman

Allan Alexander

Melissa and Eric Almgren

Melissa and Iosefa Alofaituli

John Arensmeyer

Amy Arnold

Derek Aspacher

Karen and Dave Banducci

William Bass

Josh Becker

Suzanne Beckerman

Lori Beisen Tricco

Lola Bernabe and Peter Della Rocca

Tessie and Dan Boado

David Bobbitt 

Dessa Bokides

Sheila Bonini

Patricia Bossert and Charles Chew

Jared Braiterman

Christine Brakman

Erin Bream

Carol Brown

Molly and Luke Brown

Virginia and Gary Brown

Bruce Butler

Louis Caditz-Peck

Lisa Caronna and David Karp

Natasha Case and Freya Estreller

Gina Cesare

Angela Chan

Angela Chang and Beng-Hong Lim

Catherine Chang Schweiger

Keith Chiem

Kurt Chilcott

Anne Childs

Maya Chorengel and Arpad Molnar

Justine Choy

Mindy Christensen

Bettina Cisneros

Christine and Michael Clark

Alasdair R. Clements

Lisa Cleri Reale and Christopher Reale

Bethany Coates and Michael Anderson

Holly Cohen

Andrew Cole

Chesca Colloredo-Mansfeld

Danielle Conkling

Mary Connolly

Daniel Cox

Bruce Cozadd

Caroline Cranwell and Gustavo Lasala 

Brian Cropper

Beth and Andy Daecher

Cynthia Dai

Sarah Daniels

Rob Davenport

Alison Davis

DuVon Davis

Heidi DeArment

Katie DeArmont

Denise Deering

Betsy Densmore

Kate DeYoe

Jenna Diaz-Gonzalez

Pilar Diaz

Trung Diep

Beata and Charlie Dillingham

Dawn Dobras and Eric Swergold

Dana Doctorow and Dan Stellenberg

Geoff Donaker

Elizabeth and Peter Dumanian

Steven Economou

Tara and Steve Eddy

Ellen and Tom Ehrlich

Alma Elizondo-Bailey

Christina Ellwood

Laura Ferretti

Marta Ferro

Wendy and Brett Fisher

Jennifer and David Flaks

Richard Fletcher

Katie Fong

Diane Ford Parnes and Mark Parnes

Susan Ford Dorsey and Michael Dorsey

JoAnne Forman

Patricia Foster

Leah Frei and Dan Kolkowitz

Julia and Conor French

Andrea Frenkel

Wenjie Fu

Carol Garrett

Rebecca and Reid Genauer

Constance and Alice George

Beth Gerstein and Alex Sutton

Denise Geschke and John Geschke

Eileen and Ciro Giammona

Wendy and Robert Gibney

Suzie Gilliam

Elizabeth and John Givens

Yvonne Go and Neil Josen

Linda Goldman and David Leeb

Robin Goldstein

Ashley and Ron Gonen

Christina Graham

Monica Gras

Katie Gray

Steven Grimm

Richard Grow

Marshall Guerra

Ajay Gupta

Jacob Haar

Bob Hagenau

Valerie Hajdiik

Debbie and Russ Hall

Brad Hallick

Sahra Halpern

Dori and Douglas Hamilton

Gina and Hamilton Hunt

Artise Hardy

Mary and Richard Harper

Timothy Hatfield

Tricia and Paul Heald

Larry Hebb

Donald Hejna

Diane Helfrey

Garrett Herbert

Mark Herbert

Nick Heyman

Sam Hicks

Maylee Ho

John Hobson

Ron Hoge

David Hogsett

Sarah Holcombe and Eric Weaver

Tom Holmstrom

Ming Hua

Andrew Hudnut

Mark Hudson 

Stephen Huntington

Lija Huston McBride and Mike McBride

Susan Hwang and Matt Glickman

Brenda and Steven Ibanescu

Kimberly Jabal

Tyler Jackson

Rishee Jain and Sneha Sheth

Marilyn Jean Johnston and Kathryn Morris

Michael Jiang

Nicole and Arthur Johnson

Suzanne Joyal

Aimee Jungman

Nidhi Kalra

Koji Kanematsu

Mindy Karro

Stacia Kato 

Doug Keare

Susan Killea

Pam and Bill Klaus

Kathy Klausner and Beni Strebel

Conan Knoll

Scott Koski

Patricia Krackov and Alan Zisser

Hairong Kuang

Larry Kuechler

Natasha Kurtova

Jill Kyte and Steve Levine

Brian Lagrotteria

Kavi Lal

Linda and Sterling Lanier

Carole and Joe LaTorre

Jason Lawrence

Hogan Lee

Lisa Lee

Songbae Lee

Vivienne Lee

Grace Lesser and Shawn Johnson

Nicole Letellier

David Levitt

Amy Lin

Sarah Livnat

Roberta London

Will Lovis

Lee Lucca

Cathi and Albro Lundy

Brendan Lyddon

Lauren and Nathan Lyon

Yi Ma

Virginia and Todd Marans

Roxane Marenberg

Jacob Martinez

Julia Matsudaira

Brian Matthiesen 

Rodney Mayers

Shanna McClearn and Frederick Van Den Abbeel

Dave McClure

Georgia McNamara

George McNeely

Kathy Mcshane and William Desmond

Lorena Mendez-Quezada

Wallace Mersereau

Steve Meyer

Debra Meyerson and Steven Zuckerman

Barbara and Stephen Mikulic

Cindy and Buff Miller

Carol Mitchell

Janice Miyatake

Lauren Monary

Lizbeth Morales

Holly Mosher

Pedro Moura

John Muller

Courtney and Michael Munoz

Keriann Murphy and Padraic McConville

Sruti Nadimpalli and Mark Patel

Michael Nichols

Teresa Noel Hirst

Arturo Noriega

Chonda and Fidel Nwamu

Sylia Obagi

Lisa and Ciaran O'Kelly

Nancy Olson

Nick Orlove

William Ortiz-Cartagena

Rick Ostiller

Alan Pardee

Rachel Paris

Hannah Park

Alice and David Patrick

William Pearce

Helen Pearlman

Jill and Barry Peters

Dorothy Pett

Leigh Phillips

Susan Phinney-Silver and Jim Silver

Nicholas Pianim

Jen and John Pleasants

David Pollock

Brook and Beth Porter

Marc Rand and Scott Montgomery

Michael Rapaport

Katie and David Reeves

Robyn Reiss

Kristin Resnansky

Christine Richardson and Steve Kaufhold

Kate Ridgway and Rick Holmstrom

Vaneetha and Joel Risner

Marion and Chris Rittler

Luis Rodriguez

Steven Roesch

Serena Roosevelt

Dara and Andrew Rosenfeld

Leslie Rossman and Matthew Nelson

Tara Roth

Mike Rothenberg

Jane Rush

Gilles Sablin

Lillian Samuel

Lisa Schenk

Barrie Seidenberg

Ellen Seidman

Brian Shally

Ruth Shapiro and Michael Gallagher

Lisa Sharma

Diane Shields

Cindy Shove

Kristine Silva

Carrie Simon

Patrick Sinclair

Jagjot Singh

Shinu Singh

DeBorah Smith

Roger Smith

Ellen Snook and Richard Croghan

Galina Sokolov

Andrea and David Solis

Tyler Spalding

Mimi Sparrow

Brynne Speizer 

Joanne Spetz and Zain Saidin

John Spottiswood

Christine and Jonas Stafford

Benjamin Stein

Beth Steinberg

Michael Stephens

Heidi Stevens

Anne Stuhldreher and Tim Wirth

Julia Sullivan

Jessica Sweedler

Lisa and Brandon Sweeney

Marjorie Szto

Ali Tarzi

Michael Teng

Ginny and Chris Terndrup

Davida and Patrick Tescher

Jennifer Tescher

Kiki Tidwell

Veronica Tincher

Jane and Aaron Torrence

Naomi and Bruce Usher

Stephanie Valentine

Julie and Tim Van Voris

Karen Vandenberg

Juan Vargas

Arnulfo Ventura

Alberto Villaluna

Sonia and Neil Wadhawan

Nicholas Wagner

Mark Wan

Jamie and Joe Wang

Jessica Weare

Mary and James Weaver

Gloria Webster

June Weintraub

Fran Weld and Matt Materkowski

Juliet and Sterling Wilson

Carin and Scott Wineman

Susan Winter

Dave Witherow

Christina Yang

Yvonne Yang

Kathy Yeung

Laura Yip

Joseph Yiu

Janet Yu and Dan Jurafsky

Kenneth Yzurdiaga

Joy Zhang

Alexis Zhu

Ulrike Zugelder

Kevin Zwick

Kathryn Zyskowski and Justin Schram

$1 - $99

Anonymous (7)

Robert Aldrich

Blanca Alfaro

Acaria Almeida

Joe Altepeter

Dan Altreuter

Molly Anderson

Juan Aquino

Peter Arkell

Noble Athimattathil

Claire Axelrad

Ross Barbash

Robert Barnett

Hannah Barnhardt

Geoff Beard

Christina Bechtold

Bridgette Birdie

Phil Bond

Seth Boutsaboualoy

Rachel Braun Scherl

Mikhail Bresenden

Aidan Brewster

Heather Buchanan

Michelle Buckles

Amanda Byrd

Beckie Callahan

Claudia Ceclan

Janice Chan

Mark Chandler

Sashee Chandran

Cecilia Chen

Leeann Chen

Chandra Cheruku

Wilson Chung

Joe Cilic

Parameswaran Connur

Jennifer Constantino

Christian Cruz

Marianne Currier

Diane Desmond

Xavier Diaz

Monica Dodi

Sabrina Dominguez

Tina Drew

Bradley Eckert

Lea Engelhardt

Martin Enriquez

Rudy Espinoza

Nate Falkner

Greg Farano

Jeff Fassnacht

Tina Ferguson-Riffe and Jed Riffe

Mariana Ferreira

Kurt Findeisen

Clare Fox 

Stephanie Fox

Clarissa Franchi

Ranko Fukuda

Louise Funke

Gwyneth and Mark Galbraith

Christina Garcia

Akanksha Garg

Rachel Geicke

John Gentile

Christina Gill

Kaitlin Glau

Naomi Gleit

Ana Melara Glenn and Gary R. Glenn, O.D.

Jessica Graham

Tracy Gray

Doug Gregor

Sarah Gross

Jonathan Grover

Rachel Guan

Roberto Gutierrez

Dave Hamburg

Kelly and Jeremy Hardesty

Sarah Hardin

Monica and Kieran Healy

Cathleen Hession

Rachelle Hill

Ingrid Hillebrand

Ceci Hinjosa

Cecilia Hinojosa-Einhorn

John Hoban

Charles Hsieh

Christopher Huang

Parker Hudnut

Taylor Humphrey

Steve Imai

Peter Jarit

Daniel Jaworsky

Sally Jenkins-Stevens

Ritika Kacker

Natalie Kamajian

Michael Kaplan

Puja Kapur

Jennifer Kawar

Katharine Kearnan

Zeeshan Khan

Neal Khosla

Patricia King

Dan Kovach

Daniel Kovach

Jeanette Lam

Riaz Latifullah

Carol Lee

Yee Lee

Ryan Lehman

Mia Leist

Helen Leung

Christina Li

Frederick Li

Christina Lin

Jahmelia Lindsay 

Callie Lindsley

Bryan Locascio

Mark Loranger

Pamela Lorence

Michael Louie

Kirsten Ludwig

Shama Madhvani

Mohammedfarooq Maniar

Gabe Manjarrez

Melissa Martin

Michael Masterman

Lance Matthiesen

Kathleen McAdams

Maia McCarron

Maureen McComsey

Carolyn McDonald

Derick McGee

Kristina McGee

Caitlin McShane and Scott Wagner

Zoe Melczer

Michelle Menclewicz

Paul Meurer

Lara Miller

Tim Miller

An Minh Phan

Sunita Mohanty

Patty Mok

Milindha Morahela

Tony Morberg

Libby Morris

Debbie Mullin

Yuskei Murayama

Jennifer Nadler

Andre Navarro

Shirley and Andre Navarro

Shauna Nep

Hein Nguyen

Tammy Nguyen

Amanda North

Michelle O'Grady

David Okazaki

Rhiannon O'Leary and Nick Sheehan

Julie Ordoñez

Melvin Oto

Lucinda Otto

Elizabeth Owens

Jalaja Padma

Tricia Panaguiton

Dhwipa Patel

Sourabh Patwardhan

Matthew Pelnar

Ioana Petrou

Susan Petterson

Terry Pillet

Johnathan Pines

Gary Polk

Michael Pollack

Shiva Prasad Rao

Laura Presse

Xin Qi

Ryder Quigley

Emily Racioppi

Amarkanth Ranganamayna

Parinitha Rani

Asha Rao

Andy Rathbun

Shreenath Regunathan

Shawn Repulles

Jeremy Reyes

Michelle Rhone-Collins

Sammy Riley

Ian Ritchie

Daniel Rizik-Baer

Paul Roach

Jacqueline Rodriguez

Daniel Rothblatt

Robert Rothenberg

Ken Rutsky

Merla Salongcong

Lori Sandoval

Alex Sasayama

Shravan Satish Palyam

Nicole Schulman

Michele Schultz

Andrew Segovia

Dagmar and Gil Serota

Hitendar Sethi

Jess Severn

John Sevilla

Zheng Shao

Xander Shapiro

Brigitte Shearer

Brian Shields

Sachiko Shiohara

Rachael Shrout

Jacob Singer

Ellen Sloan

Kimberly Sloss

Johamna St. Romain

Jessica Standiford

Sarah Stein

Stephen Sun

Megan Sweas

Sarah Tait

Toru Tanaka

Pablito Tancinco

James Taylor

Christian Tessier-Lavigne

Kyle Tessier-Lavigne 

Viren Thakkar

Laura Tilghman

Nicole Tilley

Elizabeth Timme

Kay Tornborg

Ashita Trikha

Andrew Tsai

Alex Tse

Lynn Tsoflias

Peter Uyleman

Sanjay Vadlamani

Lucy Vernall

Chang and David Vincent

Pauline Vogl

Ritu Vohra

Jianxin Wang

Natalie Warner

Mary Kay Watson and Nick Mascioli

Laura West

Christina Weyer Jamora

Brad Weyers

Tatyana White

Debbie Wolter and Stanley Baginskis

Donna Wright

Jason Wright

Tao Xu

Bijan Yaminafshar

Changmin Yang

Cynthia Yu

Myle Zagorsky

Guillermo Zamora

Li Zhang

Alan Zisser

Sustaining Donors

Patricia Bossert and Charles Chew

Roxann Burns

Constance and Alice George

Monica and Kieran Healy

Stephen Huntington

George McNeely

John Muller

Michael Sullivan

Institutional Donors

Opportunity Fund partners with institutions to drive economic mobility in low-income communities through innovative, high-impact microfinance strategies. Scroll down to see full list of donors.

Rick Williams

Sobrato Family Foundation

“Opportunity Fund is a valued partner in expanding economic opportunity for families and communities in Silicon Valley. The Sobrato Family Foundation’s desire to help people reach their potential is realized in the talented and diverse individuals launching businesses with the support of Opportunity Fund.”

Gayatri Agnew

Sam’s Club Giving

“Sam’s Club has always been committed to supporting small business owners. Our Giving Strategy reflects this commitment – we’re proud to support Opportunity Fund, which shares our commitment to supporting the success of underserved small business owners through access to affordable loans.”

Angie Jean-Marie

Goldhirsh Foundation (LA2050)

"Opportunity Fund fills an important gap in Los Angeles and throughout California, providing underserved entrepreneurs—particularly women, immigrants, minorities—with the capital needed to sustain and grow their businesses, provide for their families, and realize their version of the American Dream."

James Alva


“Access to capital is vital for small business owners to grow their businesses and create jobs. At Citi Community Development, we recognize that Opportunity Fund is at the forefront of expanding access to affordable microloans that drive economic resilience for individuals, their families and cities.”

Marsha Bonner

Annenberg Foundation

“The Annenberg Foundation is proud to support Opportunity Fund as it works to expand opportunities for working people.”

Jessica Kaczmarek

The James Irvine Foundation

“Opportunity Fund’s commitment to providing entrepreneurs with the resources and support they need to achieve their goals has the potential to change lives and communities.”

Our Institutional Donors


JPMorgan Chase Foundation

Leslie Family Foundation

Microsoft Corporation*

$100,000 - $999,999

Bank of America

The California Endowment

CDFI Fund, US Treasury


Economic Justice Fund of the Tides Foundation

Goldhirsh Foundation (LA2050)


Heising-Simons Foundation

James Irvine Foundation

Ralph M. Parsons Foundation

Sam's Club Giving Program

Sand Hill Foundation

Silicon Valley Bank

Sobrato Family Foundation

Y & H Soda Foundation

Weingart Foundation

Wells Fargo

$50,000 - $99,999

California Community Foundation

Cathay Bank

Chevron Corporation

Walter & Elise Haas Fund

Franklin and Catherine Johnson Foundation

The Marcled Foundation

MUFG Union Bank

U.S. Bank

Vernon CommUNITY Fund

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati*

$10,000 - $49,999

Bank of Hope

Bank of the West

BBVA Compass

Beneficial State Bank

Capital One

Charles Schwab Inc.

City National Bank

Community Foundation for Monterey County

Community Foundation Santa Cruz County

eBay Foundation

Federal Home Loan Bank


OneWest Bank

Pacific Life Foundation

Pacific Premier Bank

Pacific Western Bank

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Tarsadia Foundation

Up to $9,999

Amazon Smile


Avivar Capital

Banc of California

Banner Bank

Boston Private Bank

Bright Funds Foundation

Comerica Bank

Community Bank of the Bay




First Commercial Bank (USA)

First Republic Bank

Goldman Sachs

Heritage Bank of Commerce


Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell Foundation

Lending Club

Manufacturers Bank

Opus Bank


Silicon Valley Microfinance Network (SVMN)

Skoll Foundation

Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs, Inc.

Social Sector Partners

The Stocker Foundation

Synchrony Financial

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Valhalla Charitable Foundation

Weinreb Segal Family Fund

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

*In-Kind Donations


Opportunity Fund's investors provide the capital that drives our microfinance programs and generates economic activity in diverse communities. Scroll down to see full list of investors.

Cristina Shapiro

Goldman Sachs

“Goldman Sachs is proud of our commitment to Opportunity Fund to expand the reach of its high-impact work to more California small businesses. Opportunity Fund is creating jobs and driving economic growth, which directly aligns with the goals of our 10,000 Small Businesses initiative.”

Amy Chung

The California Endowment

“The California Endowment is proud to partner with Opportunity Fund. The organization’s focus on economic opportunity and inclusion for underserved populations is critical to building assets and strengthening communities across California.”

Dick Fletcher

Beneficial State Bank

“Beneficial State Bank is proud to partner with Opportunity Fund on its trucking loan program. We value working with a like-minded CDFI, and this program allows us to promote our commitment to clean energy and provide capital to many small business owners in the areas where our bank operates.”

Rey Ocañas

BBVA Compass

“BBVA Compass is proud to support Opportunity Fund because it is a vital, innovative engine of opportunity for small businesses. It is helping those businesses create jobs and brighter futures, and bringing the age of opportunity to legions more people.”

John Fox

Heritage Bank of Commerce

“At Heritage Bank of Commerce, we are proud to support Opportunity Fund in their efforts to positively impact the economic vitality of our communities and keep the small business entrepreneurial spirit alive.”

Sahra Halpern

Schwab Bank

“Schwab Bank is proud to work with Opportunity Fund, an innovative non-profit leader in small business lending. Small businesses are essential to our economy, and Opportunity Fund has a strong track record of helping entrepreneurs access opportunity and create jobs throughout California.”

Our Investors

Banc of California

Bank of America

BBVA Compass

California Community Foundation

Calvert Impact Capital

Capital Impact Partners

Capital One

Charles Schwab Bank

City National Bank

Community Foundation Santa Cruz County

Deutsche Bank

East West Bank

First Republic Bank

Goldman Sachs

Heritage Bank of Commerce

Manufacturers Bank

Mechanics Bank

Opportunity Finance Network

Pacific Western Bank

San Francisco Foundation

Silicon Valley Bank

State Bank of India (California)

The California Endowment

U.S. Bank

U.S. Small Business Administration

U.S. Treasury Department

Umpqua Bank

Union Bank

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Wells Fargo Bank

Western Alliance Bank


Opportunity Fund is grateful for the leadership and commitment of our boards.

Greg Avis

Board Chair
Founding Managing Director, Summit Partners

Joni Cropper

Founder, Juarez Children's Education Program

Gina Diaz

Director, Oracle

Debra Engel

Engel Family Fund

Amy Gurley

Gurley Family Fund

Brian Graham

President, Alliance Partners

Shelley Harrison

Founder and CEO, Launch Pad Inc.

Parker Hudnut

CEO, ICEF Public Schools

Arthur Johnson

Vice President Business Development, Twilio

Yun-Fang Juan

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Jim Koshland

Partner, DLA Piper US LLP

Sara Gaviser Leslie

Founder, In Other Words

Eric Weaver

Founder and Senior Advisor,
Opportunity Fund

Thank you to departing Board of Directors Chair Susan Harper Greene and members Yolanda Ruiz and Steve Kaufhold

Bud Colligan

Founder & CEO, South Swell Ventures

Susan Ford Dorsey

President, Sand Hill Foundation

Debra Engel

Engel Family Fund

Mark Leslie

Leslie Family Foundation

Harrison Miller

Managing Director, Summit Partners

John A. Sobrato

Chairman, The Sobrato Organization

Amanda K. Byrd

 Vice President, Membership & Communications,
 Southern California Grantmakers

Natasha Case

Founder & CEO, Coolhaus

David Greco

President & CEO, Social Sector Partners

Hogan Lee

Senior Director of Program and Project Management, Flipagram

Vivienne Lee

Principal Consultant, Strategic Partnerships, REDF

Kirsten Ludwig

President & Founder, In Good Company

Shauna Nep

Philanthropic Advisor, Fundamental

Sylia Obagi

Founder & Chief Strategist, The Generative Group

Tara Roth

Executive Director, Goldhirsh Foundation

Thank you to departing Southern California Regional Board members Patrick Sinclair and Arnulfo Ventura

Maeve Elise Brown

Executive Director, Housing and Economic Rights Advocates

Tina Ferguson-Riffe

Owner/Chef, Smoke Berkeley

Paulina Gonzalez

Executive Director, California Reinvestment Coalition

Thank you to departing Community Impact Advisory Board members Frank Aguirre and Jacob Martinez.

Our Staff

Opportunity Fund's mission is driven by staff in San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and working remotely across the U.S. This year, we hired our 100th employee and continue to grow. Scroll down to see full list of staff members.


San Jose

“As the financial industry evolves, Opportunity Fund is transforming what it means to be a CDFI in the 21st century. I am honored to lead a team that builds the technology platform to help us achieve greater impact in the community.”



“I’m motivated by Opportunity Fund’s commitment to impact and innovation in research. I love learning about how our clients’ lives have changed after they work with us, and sharing those outcomes with our community of supporters.”


San Francisco

“The social impact of Opportunity Fund’s core values ‘Dignity, Opportunity, Responsibility,’ is at the core of what motives me. I am excited and inspired by this organization every day, not only our clients, but the people that work here and the passion we have for our mission and achieving our goals.”


San Jose

“When I talk to new borrowers from across the country on the phone, I am inspired to know that we are impacting the lives of business owners in areas that Opportunity Fund hasn't been able to reach before.”


Los Angeles

“It's an unbelievable feeling to not only work with so many great non-profit Community Partners across California that help improve the lives of so many others in their own right, but also to be part of the journey of helping small business owners grow and reach their dreams one step at a time!”


San Jose

“Working here is awesome… People here are friendly, positive, and encouraging.”

Our Staff




Alex D.

Alex E.




Ana A.

Ana G.

Ana L.

Ana N.

Ana T.












Chris H.

Chris M.




























Jessica M.

Jessica N.

Jessica O.



Jose C.

Jose G.

Jose L.


















Mayra Ce.

Mayra Co.



Miguel B.

Miguel C.

Miguel G.





Nicole K.

Nicole L.









Ryan D.

Ryan R.







Supporters, clients, and staff gathered throughout the year to celebrate our achievements closing the opportunity gap.

Economic Inequality:
Is the Deck Stacked? An Evening with Michael Lewis

October 2016 - Menlo Park, CA

Best-selling author Michael Lewis discussed economic inequality and the unfair realities of our financial system. He was joined by "Opportunity Funded" clients Alicia Villanueva and Maurice Brewster, who discussed their challenges accessing capital, and successes with Opportunity Fund's help.

East Bay Meetup

July 2016 - Oakland, CA

Opportunity Fund Board Member Arthur Johnson and his wife Nicole hosted a summer evening with friends to celebrate entrepreneurship and learn about Opportunity Fund’s work addressing economic inequality, including dinner by "Opportunity Funded" The RedDoor Catering.

Impact Meetings

February 2017 - Los Angeles, Palo Alto, San Francisco, CA

CEO Eric Weaver shared social impact results, reviewed Opportunity Fund's financial health, and took us behind the scenes of our big achievements in 2016.

Staff Retreat

June 2017 - Woodside & Santa Monica, CA

Opportunity Fund staff bonded over field games and barbecue in Northern California and beach volleyball in Southern California.

Taste of Microfinance LA

March 2017 - Los Angeles, CA

Supporters gathered to celebrate entrepreneurship and Opportunity Fund’s microfinance investments in Southern California. The night featured food from local “OpportunityFunded” chefs, including Los Balcones del Peru, Ricky's Fish Tacos, Mama's International Tamales, CJ's Wings, and Wirtshaus.

Taste of Microfinance SF

May 2017 - San Francisco, CA

Supporters gathered to celebrate entrepreneurship and Opportunity Fund’s microfinance investments in the Bay Area. The night featured food from local “OpportunityFunded” chefs, including Little Skillet, 3-3-3 Food Truck, Rebecca Jean Catering, Venga Empanadas, Johnny Doughnuts, and Treatbot.


Opportunity Fund's diversified funding strategy combines earned income with philanthropic donations to enable high-impact investments in entrepreneurship and educational opportunities that drive permanent and lasting change.


Owner of Cookbook Market
Los Angeles, CA

2017 Highlights

million portfolio of active loans under management

donated deploys

in new loans

of borrowers repay their loans

earned income +

contributions =
sustainable growth


  FY 2017 FY 2016
Cash $6,417,260 $5,696,142
Investments $1,189,039 $1,180,790
Restricted Cash $19,960,695 $14,795,511
Current Loans & Other Receivables $20,808,860 $19,283,147
Long Term Loans & Other Receivables $37,505,972 $34,442,751
Total Assets $85,881,826 $75,398,341
Liabilities And Net Assets
Current Liabilities $7,749,523 $8,109,530
Longterm Liabilities $49,686,617 $41,673,344
Net Assets $28,445,686 $25,615,467
Total Liabilities and Net Assets $85,881,826 $75,398,341
Condensed Statement of Activities
Contributed Revenue $9,628,172 $8,681,379
Earned Revenue $12,920,461 $9,883,104
Interest on Cash and Investments $25,960 $25,479
Total Revenues $22,574,593 $18,589,962
Programs Expenses $15,195,519 $11,707,543
Non-program Expenses $4,548,855 $2,663,362
Total Expenses $19,744,374 $14,370,905
Increase in Net Assets $2,830,219 $4,219,057
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