Building Opportunity

Opportunity Fund helps families earn, save and invest in their future

With the cost of living soaring, California has the highest real poverty rate in the nation. Entrepreneurship and education remain proven pathways to prosperity.


Owner of Alicia's Tamales Los Mayas
Hayward, CA

Building Business

Opportunity Fund provides loans to Small Businesses

Banks decline 8,000 loan requests from small businesses every day. Small businesses employ 90% of California's workers. Opportunity Fund backs entrepreneurs whose businesses are small, but whose collective impact drives economic mobility.


Owner of Paco Collars
Berkeley, CA

Building Futures

opportunity fund provides savings incentives to help students pursue a college degree

Only 8% of low income students graduate from college by age 24. A child is 7 times more likely to attend college if she has a savings account in her name.


Wesleyan University Graduate
East Palo Alto, CA


Opportunity Fund advances the economic well-being of working people by helping them earn, save, and invest in their future.

Emilia & Grandsons

Owner of La Placita Commercial Kitchen
Fruitvale, CA

Impact: Entrepreneurship

microloans enable small business owners to pursue their dreams, provide for their families and support jobs in their communities.

Melchor Sr.

Owner of Mexico Bakery
San Jose, CA

los balcones del peru

los angeles, ca

loan amount: $100,000


Restaurant Owner

"The loan from Opportunity Fund saved my business! Everything I'd worked so hard for was slipping away. I got into so much trouble so fast with the bad lenders. Opportunity Fund truly cares about helping business owners."

Impact: Education

Savings accounts open the door to financial stability and mobility. We help people save for education and emergencies.


San Jose State University
San Jose, CA

College Attended: UC Davis

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Amount saved: $6,000


UC Davis Graduate

"My dad taught me that it doesn't matter how slowly you go, what matters is that you're going somewhere. And Opportunity Fund helped me every step of the way."

Impact: Policy & Research

Opportunity Fund advocates for strong public policies to close the opportunity gap and produces original research to move the conversation forward.

California State Capitol
Sacramento, CA

Impact: Community Real Estate

opportunity fund leverages federal tax credits to invest in high-impact community real estate projects that advance economic well being across communities.

Los Angeles Family Housing
North Hollywood, CA

Community Partner: LA Family Housing

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Children: Three


LAFH Client



Opportunity Fund's community brings clients, donors, investors and staff together in a shared belief that small amounts of seed money can drive permanent and lasting change.


Supporters gathered throughout the year and across the state to raise spirits and resources that advance economic opportunity.



Chef & Restaurateur, San Francisco, CA

"Even my parents wouldn't lend me money. Opportunity Fund saw the potential in my business. Because of their trust, I'm now the owner of three successful restaurants in SF."


Alicia Van Fleteren Jewelry Design, Belmont, CA

“It takes a village to run a small business, and Opportunity Fund was there for me when I needed them.”


Ricky's Fish Tacos, Los Angeles, CA

"Opportunity Fund has faith in their borrowers, they believe in you and take into consideration your experience to measure the risk of the loan."


San Jose State University, San Jose, CA

"Opportunity Fund's encouraged me to keep saving and gave me the peace of mind that I needed to enjoy my college experience."


Prairie View University, East Palo Alto, CA

"I couldn't believe that somebody would match my savings 2:1 to help pay my tuition."


Kleverdog, Los Angeles, CA

"I was disappointed when my bank couldn't approve my loan, but they recommended Opportunity Fund and my experience was so much better!"

Opportunity Fund has earned Charity Navigator's 4-Star rating, the highest possible for accountability and transparency.

$1,000,000 +

Mark and Debra Leslie Fund for Opportunity

$100,000 - $999,999

Anne and Greg Avis

$10,000 - $99,999

Anonymous (3)

Annikka Berridge

Rebecca and Bud Colligan

Joni and David Cropper

Edita and Jeffrey Donnelly

Engel Family Fund

Amy and Bill Gurley

Shelley Harrison

Wendy Holcombe and Carl Kawaja

Yun-Fang Juan

Amy and Glenn Kacher

The Lasky-Barajas Family Fund

Sara and Josh Leslie

Tabitha Soren Lewis and Michael Lewis

Clare McCamy and Harrison Miller

Mary Porter and Douglas Koshland

Nancy and Joseph Ragey

Rhona and Richard Thompson

$5,000 - $9,999

Carolyn and Steve Bowsher

Jade and Jason Calcanis

Torie Clarke and Brian Graham

Cathy Crane Moley and Andrew Moley

Tammy and William Crown

Mary Dent

Ellen and Tom Ehrlich

Catherine and James Koshland

Phlyssa Koshland

Laura and David Krane

Sharon and Seth Leslie

Ash McNeely and Elisa Odabashian

Nathan Pendleton

Karen Plessinger and Nicholas Moore

Debra and Andrew Rachleff

Christine Richardson and Steven Kaufhold

Kate Ridgway and Rick Holmstrom

Catherine Sanger and Brandon Yoder

$1,000 - $4,999

Duke Ackerman

Katie and Cyrus Behroozie

Peter Bradley and Dave Krimm

Polly and Thomas Bredt

Nina Brooks and Andrew Hirsch

Cabot Brown

Diane and Frank Burkeen

Mary and Dave Cocca

Julie and Stanley Chin

Bethany Coates and Michael Anderson 

Dawn Dobras and Eric Swergold

Catherine Hamrick-Down and Kenneth Down

Norito Ebata

Dana and Andrew Eckert

Meredith and Barry Eggers

Robert Forsythe 

Rebecca Goldsmith-Freedman and Mike Freedman

Robert Friedman

Beth and James Gassel

Tammy and Patrick Geary

Robyn and Frank Ghali 

Wendy and Robert Gibney

Judith Grant

David Greco

Susan Harper-Green and Shawn Green

Cathy Greenwold

Hawley Family Fund

Kathryn Dunlevie Hayes and Robert Hayes

Charlie Hays and Bob Komin 

Judy Heyboer

Rebecca Holcombe and James Bandler

Evelyn Huang and Noah Degaetano

Mary Hynes

Janie and Roger Johnson

Lil and Todd Johnson

Gina and Rich Kelley

Michelle and Michael Kwatinetz

Dominique Lahaussois and David Low

Gennette and Stephen Lawrence

Gabbie and Thomas Layton

Kim Le

Fredrick Lee

Songbae Lee

Connie and Robert Lurie

Paulette Meyer and David Friedman

Ivonne Montes De Oca Kuechler and Larry Kuechler

Linda Walton and John Muller

Jami and Stephen Nachtsheim

Lex Nakashima

Kristin and Anthony Noto

Zein Obagi

Nancy S. Olson

Beth and Martin O'Malley

Elisabeth and Jeff Ostrow

Jennifer Pence and Adam Feder

Nicole Rubin

Yolanda Ruiz and Roger Duke

Ursula Schorn

Brian Shally

Suzanne Skees

Cherry and George Snelling

Amanda Sparr and Matthew Tamayo-Rios

Joanne Spetz and Zain Saidin

Katherine and Steve Spurlock

Angie and Dana Stalder

Elizabeth Stelluto-Dunaier and Howard Dunaier

Spencer Stratton

Anne Stuhldreher and Tim Wirth

Kimberly and Philip Summe

Fumi Tanaka and Aaron Cooperband

Norelle and Lee Tavrow

Anna and Eric Vishria

Kristen Vogelsong and Zander Lurie 

Jamie and Joe Wang

Max Steven Jackson Weinreb Memorial Fund

Karin and Peter Wick

Denise Yamamoto and Josh Hannah

John Yee

Open Ocean Family Fund

Rusmin Kudinar

Susan and Fritz Zimmer

$100 - $999

Anonymous (3)

David Ai

Erinn Alarcon

Mariela Aleman

Melissa and Eric Almgren

Melissa and Iosefa Alofaituli

Juan Aquino

Derek Aspacher

Ara Babaian

Phyllis Ball

Callie Baumgartner

John Beck

Suzanne Beckerman

Leslie Bee

Annie Berlin and Frank Priscaro

Lola Bernabe and Peter Della Rocca

Megan and Chad Bettor

Robin Blackstone and Judith Helder

Johanna and Wyatt Bloomfield

Tessie and Dan Boado

David Bobbitt

Jared Braiterman

Frish Brandt

Lynn Brody and Dan Markovitz

Maeve Brown

Virginia and Gary Brown

Carol Brown

Roxanne Burns

Michael Cariou 

Lisa Caronna

Angela Chan

Angela Chang and Beng-Hong Lim

Margaret "Bubbles" Chau & Bill Milo Cummings

Keith Chiem

Monika and Robert Cheney

Anne Childs

Marcia Choo

Maya Chorengel and Arpad Molnar

Kathy and Tom Chou

Mindy Christensen

Rachael Claudio

Stephen Combs

Daniel Cox

Bruce Cozadd

Caroline Cranwell and Gustavo Lasala

Cynthia Dai

Rob Davenport

Alison Davis

DuVon Davis 

Elizabeth De Renzy and Joerg Martini

Vera deVera

Katie and Hiedi DeArment

Elizabeth Densmore

Kathleen DeYoe

Gina Diaz and Jorge Salazar

Trung Diep

Dana Doctorow and Dan Stellenberg

Sabrina Dominguez

Geoff Donaker

Patricia Donnelly

Elizabeth and Peter Dumanian

Alma Elizondo-Bailey and Hector Gutierrez

Ian Ellis

Christina Ellwood

Natasha Case and Freya Estreller

Richard Fahey

Marta Gazzera Ferro

Wendy and Brett Fisher

Ashley Fontanetta

Susan Ford Dorsey and Michael Dorsey

JoAnne and Duane Forman

Katherine Foster

Patricia Foster

Clare Fox 

Leah Frei and Dan Kolkowitz 

Julia and Conor French

Wenjie Fu

Penny and Gregory Gallo

Rebecca and Reid Genauer

Beth Gerstein and Alex Sutton

Denise and John Geschke

Uday Ghulaxe

Eileen and Ciro Giammona

Suzie Gilliam

Elizabeth and John Givens

Robin Goldstein

Josie Gomez

Ashley and Ron Gonen

Erica Gould

Katie Gray

Lindsay Greene

Katie and Blake Griffin

Richard Grow

Marshall Guerra

Valerie Hajdiik

Mario Hall 

Debbie and Russ Hall

Sahra Halpern

Dori and Douglas Hamilton

Andrew Han 

Kate and Jeff Harding

Artise Hardy

Mary and Richard Harper

Timothy Hatfield

Mason Hayes

Tricia and Paul Heald

Larry Hebb

Nancy Heinen and Dennis DeBroeck

Donald Hejna

Nicole Heller

Nick Heyman

T. Noel Hirst

Tina Ho

John Hobson

David Hogsett

Sarah Jane Holcombe and Eric Weaver

Fiona Hsu

Ming Hua

Andrew Hudnut

Parker Hudnut

Gina and Hamilton Hunt

Susie Hwang and Matt Glickman

Michael Jiang

Nicole and Arthur Johnson

Marilyn Jean Johnston and Katherine Morris

Yvonne Go and Neil Josen 

Aimee Jungman

Nidhi Kalra

Koji Kanematsu

Doug Keare

William Keller

Riley Kelley

Frances and Michael Kieschnick

Pam and Bill Klaus

Scott Kline

Conan Knoll

Debra Knoteck

Danna Kozerski

Patricia Krackov

Natasha Kurtova

Jill Kyte and Steve Levine

Brian Lagrotteria

Pam and Peter Landes

Linda and Sterling Lanier

Carole and Joe LaTorre

Sheila Chen Lawrence and Jason Lawrence

Vivienne Lee

Linda and David Leeb

Nicole Letellier

Mark Lindquist 

Jahmelia Lindsay

Tina Liu

Quinn Ljoka

Roberta London

Gayla Lorthridge Wood and Walter Wood

Ryka and Will Lovis

Yi Ma

Virginia and Todd Marans

David Mares

Julia Matsudaira

Rodney Mayers

Lija Huston McBride and Mike McBride

James McCann

Dave McClure

Ferrell McDonald

George McNeely

Clarissa McPeck

Caitlin McShane and Scot Wagner 

Lorena Mendez-Quezada

Pamela Merchant and Kirby Sack

Debra Meyerson and Steven Zuckerman

Marne Michaels

Barbara and Stephen Mikulic

Cynthia and Robert Miller

Katherine Morris and M. Jean Johnston

Molly and Scott Morse

Sruti Nadimpalli and Mark Patel and

Andre Navarro

Susan Lowenberg and Joyce Newstat

Michael Nichols

Thea Nilsson

Chonda and Fidel Nwamu

Sylia Obagi

David Okazaki

Lisa and Ciaran O'Kelly

William Otiz-Cartagena

Hannah Park

Rick Parras

Alice and David Patrick

Paul Pavich

Helen Pearlman

Jill and Barry Peters

Dorothy Pett

Vivian Pham

Susan Phinney-Silver and Jim Silver

Jen and John Pleasants

Patrica Plumer and Steven Levere

Eloise Pollock

William Pope

Beth and Brook Porter

Marc Rand and Scott Montgomery

Asha Rao

Lisa Cleri Reale and Christopher Reale

Katie and David Reeves

Sally and Lou Reilly

Timothy Reilly

Robyn Reiss

Jackie Reses and Matt Apfel

Marion and Chris Rittler

Mark Roach

Craig Robinson

Serena Roosevelt

Jenny Roost and Mike Rothenberg

Tara Roth

Irene and Stephen Rozga

Jane Rush

Ranita and Tejas Saraiya

Colin Savage

Molly Savitz and Jeff Merkowitz

Catherine Chang Schweiger

Andrew Segovia

Andrew Cole

Kim Selby

Kathryn Shade

Alexander Shapiro

Ruth Shapiro and Michael Gallagher

Lisa Sharma

Diane Shields

Susannah and Darren Shimkus

Lisa Shotland

Cindy Shove

Carrie Simon

Laura Singer

Martine Singer

DeBorah Smith

Julie Smith

Roger Smith

Tyler Spalding

Christine and Joe Stafford

Jodi and Drew Starbird

Zack Stein

Ben Stein

Beth Steinberg

Michael Stephens

Debbe Stern

Art Stevens

Timothy Stutt

Greg Sugar

Julia Sullivan

Lisa and Brandon Sweeney

Julie Tal Gilad

Ali Tarzi

Michael Teng

Haam Tham

Hsu-Lin Tong

Brian Trafas

My Tran

Lori Beisen Tricco

Naomi and Bruce Usher

Karen Vandenberg

Arnulfo Ventura

Nicholas Wagner

Ashley Waters

Jessica Weare

Gloria Webster

Christopher Wenisch

Abby Wilder

Tanya and Louis Willacy

Juliet and Sterling Wilson

Carin and Scott Wineman

Wendy Wong and Anthony Chang 

Christina Yang

Yvonne Yang

Geri Yang-Johnson

Laura Yip

Joseph Yiu

Jennifer and William Youstra

Janet Yu and Dan Jurafsky

Joy Zhang

Alan Zisser

Charly Zukow and John Ferrara

$1 - $99

Zack Ahrens

Robert Aldrich

Zainab Ali

Joe Altepeter

Dan Altreuter

Rafael Alvarez

Brian Anderson

Celeste Anlauf

Kyle Archer

Ross Asis

Claire Axelrad

Anusha Bagchi

Subajit Bagchi

Dominique Baillet

Peter Barnett

Robert Barnett

Avery Bell 

Bridgette Birdie

David Bloom

Julia Boekelheide

Ben Bonsall

Patricia Bossert and Charles Chew

Georgette Buga

Adam Butler

Amanda Byrd

Louis Caditz-Peck

Rebecca Cantor

Emmy Cattani

Maura Ceccoli

Janice Chan

Cecilia Chen

Maritsa Cholmondeley

James Clark

Hannah Claudio

Parameswaran Connur

Justin Cook

Armando Cruz

Oliver Delgado

Natalie DeNault

Michele Diaz

Gary Dunn

Alex Eckert

Bradley Eckert

Lea Engelhardt

Rudy Espinoza

Jenny Eu

Laura Ferretti 

Kurt Findeisen

Jenny Flores

Wenjie Fu

Louise Funke

Gwyneth and Mark Galbraith

Alice and Constance George

Brinda Ghiya

Jason Gilbert

Sarah Glanville

Naomi Gleit

Ana and Gary Glenn

Manuel Godino

Stephanie Gomez

Audrey Gordon

Kevin Gorjing

Jo Ann Graf

Christina Graham

Amy and Doug Gregor

Jacob Haar

Dana Halley

Kelly Hardesty

Diane Helfrey

Karen Henke

Cathleen Hession

Cecilia Hinojose-Einhorn

David Ho

Rob Holden

Tom Holmstrom

Stephen Huntington

Anne Infeld

Bob Indig

Sally Jenkins-Stevens

Grace Kangdani

Allison Kelly

Zeeshan Khan

Daniel Kovach

Isis Krause

Adam Lang

Regie Ledesma and Sixto Mendoza

Francis and Evelyn Lee

Yee Lee

Eric Leimbach

Helen Leung

Elias Levy 

Frederick Li

Margarita Lomotan

Rocio Lugo Bonsall

Romeo Luz

Michael Lynn

Yi Ma

Darius Mahajer

Ankit Malhotra

Abigail Marquez

Kathleen McAdams

Maia McCarron

Shanna McClearn and Frederick Van Den Abbeel

Carolyn McDonald

Kelsea McDonough and Alberto Fonts-Zaragoza

Derick McGee

Kathy McShane and William Desmond

Zoe Melczer

Myra Melford

Judy Merrill

Sunita Mohanty

Lauren Monary

Christy Moody

Milindha Morahela

Sarah and Rafael Morales

Irete Morris 

Libby Morris

Dana Mortenson

Jennifer Nadler

Shauna Nep

Tammy Nguyenn

Hein Nguyen

Yesenia Velez Ochoa

Eric Olson

William Parent

Ami Pascual Spear

Laura Peralta

Susan Petterson

Heidi Pickman

Laura Presse 

Xin Qi

Ryder Quigley

Andy Rathbun

Larry Reed 

Estelle Reyes 

Jeremy Reyes

Michelle Rhone-Collins

Daniel Rizik-Baer

Lena Robinson

Jacqueline Rodriguez

Steven Roesch

Karin Rohlfs

Nancy Romney

Robert Rothenberg

Antoinette Safarian 

Daniela Salas

Veronica Saldana

Shirin Laor-Raz Salemnia

Alex Sasyama

Shravan Satish Palyam

Michele Schultz

Hitendar Sethi

Hala Shamas

Zheng Shao

Nick Sheehan

Kathie Sheehy

Anna Silverman

Patrick Sinclair

Michael Smith 

Brookelyn Sproviero

Stephen Sun

Pablito Tancinco

Melanie Taylor

Viren Thakkar

Jen Thom

John Tishbi

Kay Tornborg

Penn Tseng

Crystal Valdez

Stephanie Valentine

Jaimie Vargas

Claudia Viek

Chang and David Vincent

Jessica Vom Steeg

Quynh Vu

Mary Kay Watson

June Weintraub

Jeff Weston

Jordan Whitmer

Melissa Wickman

Winter Williams

Donella Wilson

Laura Wong

Tao Xu

Bijan Yaminafshar

Kathy Yeung

Kelly Young

Myle Zagorsky

Denny Zane 

Li Zhang

Caleb Zigas

Sustaining Donors

Patricia Bossert and Charles Chew

Roxanne Burns

Alice and Constance George

Kelly Hardesty

Stephen Huntington

Adam Lang

George McNeely

John Muller and Linda Walton

Alexander Shapiro

Carin and Scott Wineman


JPMorgan Chase Foundation

Leslie Family Foundation

US Department of Treasury, CDFI Fund

$100,000 - $999,999

Bank of America

Chevron Corporation


Economic Justice Fund of the Tides Foundation

Emerging Markets - CA Freshworks Initiative

Goldhirsh Foundation/LA2050

Goldman Sachs and Goldman Sachs Foundation

Heising-Simons Foundation

Roy and Patricia Disney Family Foundation

Sand Hill Foundation

Sobrato Family Foundation

The Marcled Foundation

The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation

Walter & Elise Haas Fund

Weingart Foundation

Wells Fargo Foundation

Y&H Soda Foundation

$50,000 - $99,999

ACCION U.S. Network

Annenberg Foundation

California Community Foundation
Rudy E. Futer Fund for Human & Humane Needs, Ken and Gundy DuVall Fund, Lauralie and J. Irvine Fund, John R. Marron Fund, An Anonymous Fund, The Fred Rowden Memorial Fund and the John and Kristina Magill Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County


Franklin and Catherine Johnson Foundation

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

MUFG Union Bank Foundation

Silicon Valley Bank

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

The James Irvine Foundation

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

$10,000 - $49,999

Bank of the West

BBVA Compass

Capital One

Cathay Bank

Charles Schwab Inc.

CIT Bank

Comerica Bank

Community Foundation Santa Cruz County

Margaret A. Roberts Charitable Foundation

Pacific Life Foundation

Pacific Premier Bank

Pacific Western Bank

Tarsadia Foundation

The PIMCO Foundation

Tundra Glacier Fund

U. S. Bank

Vernon CommUNITY Fnd

WANDA/Women's Foundation of California

Up to $9,999



Banc of California

Banner Bank

Boston Private Bank

Bryant Charitable Foundation

Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell Foundation

Golden Communications

Heritage Bank of Commerce


King and Spalding LLP

Manufacturers Bank


Orange County Community Foundation

Pacific West CDC


Skoll Foundation

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

The Minorca Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation

The San Francisco Foundation

The Stocker Foundation

In-Kind Donors

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Banc of California

Bank of America

BBVA Compass

California Community Foundation

Calvert Foundation

Capital Impact Partners

Capital One

Charles Schwab Bank

City National Bank

Community Foundation Santa Cruz County

Deutsche Bank

First Bank

First Republic Bank

Goldman Sachs

Heritage Bank of Commerce

JPMorgan Chase

Manufacturers Bank

Mechanics Bank

Opportunity Finance Network

Pacific Western Bank

San Francisco Foundation

Silicon Valley Bank

Umpqua Bank

Union Bank

U.S. Bank

U.S. Small Business Administration

U.S. Treasury Department

Wells Fargo Bank

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Vivienne Lee

Vivienne Lee, Donor, Los Angeles

"Investing in people is at the heart of making true change. Opportunity Fund invests in entrepreneurs who are creating jobs, reinvesting in our communities, and innovating with new products and services.”

Sylia Obagi

Southern California Regional Board, Los Angeles

"I want to create opportunities in a world where chances to get ahead are narrowing. Opportunity Fund is leading the way in our communities."

Arthur Johnson

Board Member, Oakland

"My father owned his own business for over 50 years. That is why I am so passionate about devoting my time and resources to Opportunity Fund. I now have an opportunity to help a new generation of small business owners."

Christopher Goett

California Community Foundation, Los Angeles

"Programs like Opportunity Fund are vital to entrepreneurs in vulnerable communities across Los Angeles County, as they are innovative, supportive, and passionate about helping Angelenos succeed."

Michael Solomon

Charles Schwab Bank, Investor

“Opportunity Fund's mission to help small businesses thrive is essential to driving economic prosperity across the nation. This mission is core to our beliefs.”

Ted Archer

JPMorgan Chase, Corporation

"We are proud to partner with Opportunity Fund to build thriving small businesses in underserved communities. Their innovative, high-impact, and data-driven approach removes barriers and empowers California's entrepreneurs to become engines of job growth and economic vitality in the neighborhoods they serve."

Susan Harper Greene

Senior Vice President, Bank of America

Greg Avis

Founding Managing Director, Summit Partners

Joni Cropper

Founder, Juarez Children's Education Program

Gina Diaz

Director, Oracle

Amy Gurley

Gurley Family Fund

Brian Graham

President, Alliance Partners

Shelley Harrison

Founder and CEO, Launch Pad Inc.

Arthur Johnson

Vice President Business Development, Twilio

Yun-Fang Juan

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Steven Kaufhold

Partner, Kaufhold Gaskin LLP

Jim Koshland

Partner, DLA Piper US LLP

Sara Gaviser Leslie

Founder, In Other Words

Yolanda Ruiz

Vice President Finance and Operations, Zignal Lab

Bud Colligan

Partner, Accel Partners

Susan Ford Dorsey

President, Sand Hill Foundation

Debra Engel

Engel Family Fund

Mark Leslie

Managing General Partner, Leslie Ventures

Harrison Miller

Managing Director, Summit Partners

John A. Sobrato, Sr.

Chairman, The Sobrato Organization

Natasha Case

Founder & CEO, Coolhaus

David Greco

Partner, Social Sector Partners

Parker Hudnut

CEO, ICEF Public Schools

Vivienne Lee

Regional Director, REDF

Shauna Nep

Philanthropic Advisor, Fundamental

Sylia Obagi

Executive Director, Roy and Patricia Disney Family Foundation

Tara Roth

President, Goldhirsh Foundation

Patrick Sinclair

Vice President of Development and Communications, Para Los Niños

Arnulfo Ventura

Vice President Business Development, Califia Farms

Amanda K. Byrd

 Vice President, Membership & Communications, Southern California Grantmakers

Frank Aguirre

Business Development Specialist, Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

Maeve Elise Brown

Executive Director, Housing and Economic Rights Advocates

Jacob Martinez

Executive Director, Digital Nest



































































































San Jose

"The way we support each other as a staff to create a positive impact in our community motivates me every day."


Los Angeles

"The best is when clients invite me to show me how much they've improved with our loan. It's so fulfilling to see their business succeed."


San Francisco

"Together, we can change the rules and actually make money work for everyday people."



“The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the passion in my clients. The smile on their face when they get approved for a loan is priceless.”


San Francisco

"After more than 20 years, I keep at this because we're seeing results. I believe change is possible."


San Jose

"I love working in a place where we connect people to the right resources to succeed. Whether they are saving for college or growing their business, Opportunity Fund is here to help."


Opportunity fund's diversified funding strategy combines earned income with philanthropic donations to enable high-impact investments in entrepreneurship and educational opportunities that drive permanent and lasting change.


Owner of Loving Day Care
Harbor City, CA


  FY 2016 FY 2015
Cash $5,696,142 $5,635,126
Investments $1,180,790 $1,148,157
Restricted Cash $14,795,511 $8,665,161
Current Loans & Other Receivables $19,283,147 $13,654,777
Long Term Loans & Other Receivables $34,442,751 $21,591,430
Total Assets $75,398,341 $50,694,651
Liabilities And Net Assets
Current Liabilities $8,109,530 $3,166,136
Longterm Liabilities $41,673,344 $26,132,105
Net Assets $25,615,467 $21,396,410
Total Liabilities and Net Assets $75,398,341 $50,694,651
Condensed Statement of Activities
Contributed Revenue $8,681,379 $9,696,731
Earned Revenue $9,883,104 $6,943,273
Interest on Cash and Investments $25,479 $35,927
Total Revenues $18,589,962 $16,675,931
Programs Expenses $11,707,543 $8,857,169
Non-program Expenses $2,663,362 $2,307,858
Total Expenses $14,370,905 $11,165,027
Increase in Net Assets $4,219,057 $5,510,904
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