Community Real Estate

In addition to our microfinance work, Opportunity Fund also provides financing for community real estate projects using New Markets Tax Credits.
Ravenswood Family Health Center
East Palo Alto, CA
Opened May 5, 2015
38,300 Sq. ft. with 2 floors
Integrated primary care, mental health and dental services

Ravenswood Family Health Center is dedicated to improving the health of the community by providing integrated primary and preventative health care to all. Opportunity Fund is proud to have helped make this important community project happen by facilitating almost $20 million in financing—more than half of the project's total cost.

This new health center has the capacity to serve 22,000 community residents, the vast majority of whom live at 100% or less of the Federal Poverty Level, which is $22,350 for a family of four. The facility offers on-site pharmacy, optometry, mammography, and radiology services to the community for the first time ever. Designed to improve the patient experience, the facility brings multiple services together under one roof and provides more space for patient care including 58 primary care exam rooms and 13 behavioral health counseling rooms. It is also built with "green" features, such as motion-activated lights and water faucets, and solar panels on the roof.

Opportunity Fund is committed to strengthening communities by investing in critical infrastructure projects, like the Ravenswood facility. While we are best known for our MICRO finance programs, we also make MACRO investments to help California’s working families build a brighter future.

Economic stability starts in neighborhoods. Our real estate investments help create safe and vibrant communities.
"All the things that people need to support their health at a primary-care level should be available in the community, should be accessible, should be affordable and should be offered in a setting that people are drawn to," Executive Director, Luisa Buada, said.