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Impact / Microloans

How Microloans Work:
  1. Our donors and investors
  2. Help make loans to entrepreneurs
  3. To grow small businesses
  4. That hire employees
  5. And change lives and communities
  6. Loans repaid, repeat!

91% minority-owned businesses

3 Jobscreated or retained per business



Turning a $500 loan into a thriving business

Loan amount: $500
Number of employees: 2
Location: Redwood City, CA

Twenty years ago, Rosa was a young mother with 5 children, trying to make a living in one of the most expensive regions in the nation. She opened her own business out of a mixture of entrepreneurial vision and a desperate need to support her family.

Back in 1994, Rosa worked directly with a visionary young loan officer named Eric Weaver, Opportunity Fund’s Founder and CEO. We lent Rosa $500 to buy supplies to make party favors, which she sold from her home. She needed the microloan to invest in her business, but it was clear that Rosa already possessed the talent and drive to succeed.

Today, Rosa is the proud owner of Paradise Flowers, a successful flower shop in Redwood City. Rosa recalls her experience as one of our very first clients: “Eric taught me so many things about running a business, but the biggest lesson I learned from him was to never give up on my dreams, and here I am, twenty years later with a beautiful shop in Redwood City.”

In 2014, Opportunity Fund continued our successful expansion in Greater Los Angeles. We lent $6.2 million, helping more than 550 L.A. small businesses - 25% higher than our initial goal!

“Opportunity Fund excels at providing affordable capital to small business owners and also sustains a healthy balance of earned income and philanthropic contributions.” Yun-Fang Juan, Opportunity Fund Donor