Saving for the Future

Regina microsavings client story


Redwood City, CA

Savings goal: $1,500

Amount saved so far: $882

Regina is an ambitious woman pursuing her dreams to finish college and become a homeowner. But, as a single mom with three kids, she struggled to make ends meet working part-time at a flower shop. "Every month I faced another bill I couldn't pay. I wanted a way to take control."

Opportunity Fund's new Start2Save microsavings account is giving Regina that chance. She completed financial education classes, set up a budget, and is saving $42 each month.

Next year, when Regina's family moves into a new home through Habitat for Humanity, she'll have $1,500 set aside to prepare for household emergencies. "I feel like my kids and I are finally on a path to something better."

2011 Microsavings Milestones


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Working families have too little in the bank
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Families start to save $20+ each month
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