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Meghan and Peter microloan client story

Meghan and Peter

Nature's Best Cleaners, Sunnyvale, CA

Loan amount: $12,000

Number of employees: 5

When Meghan and Peter opened a dry cleaning business, they never imagined the chemicals would leave Meghan's fingers numb and competition would drive their prices so low they barely turned a profit. "But entrepreneurs don't give up," explains Peter, "so we switched to a 'green-cleaning' process that eliminates toxins and reduces waste."

Meghan regained sensation in her fingers and Nature's Best Cleaners earned new customers willing to pay more for a healthier cleaning service. When business grew by 600%, Opportunity Fund lent them $12,000 to upgrade their old conveyor belt to handle growing demand.

Nature's Best Cleaners employs 5 people. In the coming years, they hope to expand to a second location, bringing green-cleaning with them.

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