Building Community

Simonida Cvejic, CEO of Bay Area Medical Academy, used a $10,000 microloan from Opportunity Fund to expand her business. "I did this for my kids," explains Simonida.

"Entrepreneurs need to have guts, endurance and willpower. But they also need capital. It takes money to make money," explains Simonida, CEO of Bay Area Medical Academy. "Opportunity Fund fills that gap."

As a single working mother, Simonida struggled with the long hours of a job in the financial services industry. She longed for a profession in which she could be there for her daughters, pay the bills, and help others improve their lives.

In 2005 she achieved her dream by founding Bay Area Medical Academy, a career school for medical technicians. With three Opportunity Fund loans since 2007, her business has grown to include two campuses that train 300 students each year. Simonida is putting Bay Area residents to work in the health care field and expanding our local economy, all while providing a better life for her family.