Partner Voice: Glow Foundation

By collaborating with community partners like Glow, Opportunity Fund leverages the strengths of local nonprofits. The result is greater impact on the life of every client we serve. Their Story >

Client Voice: Sunny’s Journal

Our clients are our strongest advocates and most determined supporters. They share their stories, refer their friends, and remind us all to look to the future.
Her Story >

Donor Voice: Mark Parnes & Diane Ford Parnes

Thanks to a wide range of people, foundations, and organizations, Opportunity Fund is able to raise the funds we need to help working families save and invest in themselves. Their Story >

It takes more than just one organization to help working families gain financial independence. Opportunity Fund gets the job done with the help of our partners—banks, community organizations, donors, and our clients themselves.

What I Learned from Opportunity Fund’s Programs

"Techniques for improving my credit." - Jose, IDA client

"Strategies for creating a household budget." - Rosa, IDA client

"Where to go to look for programs that help me with my financial needs." - Anthony, Small Business client

"How to set up goals and go for it." - Melinda, IDA client

"That you have to have heart, courage, and passion." - Rosalva, Small Business and IDA client