Angelita Hernandez, IDA outreach Coordinator at Opportunity Fund
"What the IDA Program Means to Me and Our Clients"

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IDA Savings program overview: In FY2008, Opportunity Fund enrolled 343 new families in our IDA Savings program, offering them the chance to move from just getting by to actively investing in the future. These new clients learned financial skills and began saving a little bit every month. We will match their savings so they can send their kids to college, buy a house, start up a small business, or build retirement security.


Name: Angelita Hernandez

Position: IDA Savings Outreach Coordinator

Years with Op Fund: 1 ½

Partners worked with:
Catholic Charities, United Way, Glow Foundation, WANDA

Angelita Helps Clients Get Started

As Outreach Coordinator for Opportunity Fund’s IDA Savings program, Angelita has the chance to work with a wide range of clients—high school students with their eyes set on college, low-wage workers with a dream of being their own boss, refugees looking to build a new life for themselves and their families, and more. Angelita came to the U.S. from Mexico with her family at the age of 11, so she understands the hardships faced by many of her clients. Combining her own experiences with a deep commitment to Opportunity Fund’s mission, Angelita is helping working families access the financial tools and services they need to face the challenges of a deteriorating economy and achieve financial independence.

The IDA Savings program has given me hope for a better future.  It was like a life line, I no longer feel as if I am drowning.
April, IDA Saver

Saving for Citizenship
In 2009, Opportunity Fund will launch Saving for Citizenship– an innovative initiative that will promote citizenship and financial responsibility by helping low-wage immigrants pay the high costs of citizenship and participate fully in society.

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