10 Ways to Celebrate Women Entrepreneurs

November is full of special days dedicated to giving thanks and showing appreciation for those around us. #ChooseWomen this Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. This month, celebrate the female entrepreneurs in your community. Keep reading for small but meaningful ways to show appreciation.

Despite women being half of the population, they own far less businesses than men. In 2012, women own only 36% of all businesses in America. This is a ten percent increase from 1997. Let’s keep the momentum of equality in the entrepreneurial world by thanking the women who have struck out on their own and started their own businesses.

Showing your appreciation for female entrepreneurs, no matter what gender you are, will help motivate small business owners and inspire other women to become entrepreneurs.

  1. Support women-owned small businesses near you. Chances are you already frequent shops and businesses that are women-owned – you just don’t know it. Find out where they are through services and directories such as Yelp, We NYC, and your personal network. Then visit them!
  2. Donate to your local Women’s Business Development CenterFor example, look into JEDI and  APISPB. Even better, if you feel like you have the expertise, volunteer to be a mentor or just help out.
  3. Join the social media movement. Share inspiring stories of female business owners, your own experiences as a women in business, local events and workshops, and just generally uplifting messages.
  4. Educate yourself. Reading news articles and blogs about women’s struggles and successes in the business world will help you better understand why Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is needed and how important it is to encourage women to start their own businesses.
  5. Be a generous tipper. Try new  women-owned restaurants and coffee shops. Support the business by tipping well and thank the owner if you see her. She will appreciate it more than you know.
  6. Check your own small business. Do you make sure to hire a diverse group of people? If you notice a lack of women in your own business, work to mitigate this problem. Women who have the opportunity to grow their careers have the opportunity to develop skills they can use to start their own businesses.
  7. Encourage your employees. As a small business owner, you have the unique position to be a role model for your employees. Worry less about your female employees leaving you to start their own businesses, and instead help them develop their career goals and aspirations. Even if they do start their own business, they will remember you and can be valuable connections.
  8. Take advantage of resources to grow your own business. If you are a women entrepreneur, there are resources out there to help you. Be proud of your accomplishments and don’t be afraid to reach out for help and opportunities to really grow your business.
  9. Volunteer to help Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. The philanthropic organization that launched this special day can use your skills and any spare time you have to give back to your community by volunteering.
  10. Spread the word. Put up a small sign in your business, start discussions with your family and friends, post to social media, and share your knowledge with employees and customers. Don’t stay silent; use your voice as a small business owner to empower and support women entrepreneurs.

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