Starting to Save

"I feel like my kids and I are finally on a path to something better"


Regina's Testimonial

Working part-time in a flower shop, Regina learned how to put money aside for just in case.

Saving Bit by Bit

Regina is an ambitious woman pursuing her dreams to finish college and become a homeowner. But, as a single mom with three kids, she struggled to make ends meet working part-time at a flower shop.

"Every month I faced another bill I couldn't pay. I wanted a way to take control," said Regina.

Opportunity Fund's new Start2Save savings account is giving Regina that chance. She completed financial education classes, set up a budget, and is saving $42 each month.

She has changed her spending, and her outlook. Regina is currently at peace with how she's able to manage her finances, and feels like she's made a change that makes her different from her sisters and cousins — she has a financial plan that works for her and control over her spending.

Regina IDA client

'Habitat' Home

Regina and her kids have also recently moved into new Habitat for Humanity housing, and she has $1,500 set aside for emergencies.

"I feel like my kids and I are finally on a path to something better," she said.