Clients save $500. We add $1,000 + Financial Education + Coaching.

Start2Save provides community-based organizations and social service agencies the opportunity to offer their clients a matched savings program designed to empower low income families with financial education and a chance to earn up to $1000 toward establishing an Emergency Savings Fund. 


Program is closed to enrollment

The Rules

  1.   Show 12 months with deposits and demonstrate a regular savings pattern
  2.   Up to $500 in contributions will be matched a rate of 2:1. ($500 saved = $1000 earned)
  3.   Up to (but not more than) $50 will be matched per month.
  4.   Call in advance if you have to miss a deposit.
  5.   Any emergency withdrawals but be requested in writing and preapproved
  6.   3 consecutive months missed = automatic termination from the program

 - Your savings will be returned but you will not earn match and you cannot reapply

Melissa, Start2Save
"Making ends meet is hard, but this inspired me to try, and I really succeeded!" Melissa, Start2Save
Teran, Start2Save
"It was a hard year, but now I have a better cushion to fall back on." Teran, Start2Save




Setting up your permanent Emergency Savings Fund

An Emergency Fund should be kept separate from your Day-to-Day spending accounts.

Before you graduate with your $1500, decide how and where you will maintain your rainy day fund. 

Check in with your Opportunity Fund Coordinator to determine where to transfer your savings balance. Keep the momentum. Be sure to continue saving into your Emergency Fund and dedicate the excess towards reaching your future savings goals! 

If you do not have a specific account designted as your Emergency or Rainy Day Fund, consider the Focus Card (Prepaid Visa Debit Card). An Opportunity Fund staff member can enroll you before you graduate.


Opportunity Fund is a U.S. Treasury certified Community Development Financial Institution. Participation subject to funding availability and applicant’s eligibility as determined by Opportunity Fund.

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