Save for College or Vocational School

You save $2,000. We add $4,000.

Pay for: tuition, fees, books, a computer or tablet

How does it work?

Monthly deposit   $20 to $170 per month
Time saving   1 to 2 years
Free savings account   FDIC Insured from Citibank


Can I Apply?

Age   16 and older
Home Address   All Counties in the State of California
Employment   Income from a job or self-employment
Household Net Worth   Less than $10,000 (excluding 1 vehicle and home)
Income   Less than limit (see right)
Other requirements  

1.) Complete a free financial literacy online
2.) Have High School Diploma or GED
3.) Have Proof of enrollment in an accredited college, university, or vocational or adult education program


Due to federal budget cuts this program is no longer accepting applications.  

-Education Saver
"Learning to save and getting the matching funds really made all the difference." -Education Saver
-Education Saver
"My matched savings helped get me through college." -Education Saver


Annual Household Income Limits

# of People
in Household
  Maximum Annual
Household Income Limit
1   $24,120
2   $32,480
3   $40,840
4   $49,200
5   $57,560
6   $65,920

For each additional person in the household add $8,360


Opportunity Fund is a U.S. Treasury certified Community Development Financial Institution. Participation subject to funding availability and applicant’s eligibility as determined by Opportunity Fund.

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