Earth Pro Landscaping

“I appreciate everything Opportunity Fund has done for me.” 

— Jarrett, Earth Pro Landscaping

Jarrett's Story

Jarrett Hughes cultivated his business with his lifelong passion for landscaping and an entrepreneurial spirit. Thanks to a working capital loan from Opportunity Fund, EarthPro Landscaping is primed for even more growth.

Growing A Business

Jarrett Hughes started mowing lawns as a child and has pursued a career in landscaping since his youth. After a few stints at large national landscaping companies, he launched EarthPro Landscaping in 2011.

This San Jose-based business has a strong client base and a solid reputation in the industry. But like many small businesses owners, Jarrett is facing challenges in finding the right financing to help expand his business.

“The sales are there,” he said. “Sometimes in commercial landscaping, it’s harder to capitalize on the sales and have the funds in the bank when you’re waiting up to 90 days to get paid.”

Jarrett looked into several funding options to help purchase the equipment he needed to meet the demands of the business and expand, including loans from the Small Business Administration and even merchant cash advances.

The available funding options were fast, but came at a high cost that eventually would become more of a burden than an opportunity for growth. EarthPro needed alternative business lending.

Jarrett Hughes of Earth Pro Landscaping

Seeding Success

Jarrett found Opportunity Fund through Wells Fargo, where his representative advised him on our organization’s easy-to-get, fast, and affordable lending options that could make a significant difference in his search for funding.

“Traditional lenders often have tougher restrictions for small business borrowers,” he said.“Opportunity Fund appreciates my track record and understands my business plan, so my loan was easier to get in a shorter time frame.”

Opportunity Fund business development officer Shanna McClearn worked with Jarrett to secure a $78,000 loan to help pay for equipment and staffing costs. This loan has allowed EarthPro Landscaping to take on bigger projects around the South Bay Area.

“Shanna looked at all the variables and was able to package the deal in a way that made it look more attractive to the underwriters,” Jarrett said. “I appreciate everything Opportunity Fund has done for me.”

Jarrett hopes to continue his partnership with Opportunity Fund with a future loan to buy more trucks and add more equipment and employees. When he’s ready to plant more seeds, we’ll be there to provide the green.


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