20 Years Driving Economic Mobility
Real Estate

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California families must choose between paying for rent, food, or healthcare.

Real Estate

Economic stability starts in neighborhoods. Our real estate investments help create safe and vibrant communities.

Raising a family on $25,000 is hard when it takes $68,000 for a family of four just to pay for food, rent, transportation and healthcare. Our real estate investments ensure low-income neighborhoods have youth centers, senior care facilities, health clinics and more, making our communities a safer place to grow up and grow old.

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  • Community real estate investments
  • Create construction jobs and permanent jobs
  • To build homeless shelters, youth centers, and more
  • Lives change
  • Loans repaid, repeat!

Macro investments.
Seismic impact.

Opportunity Fund invests in community facilities – like health clinics, senior centers, and youth centers – to ensure all Californians have access to safe, affordable services that make our communities stronger.

  • Total real estate lending: $240 million

  • California families benefiting: 219,599

  • Median family income: $36,000

  • Jobs supported in 2011: 2,400

National Hispanic University

A safe neighborhood with access to vital services builds a pathway to economic stability and better opportunities.