Sanctuary Salon

"The people I worked with at Opportunity Fund were really great."

—Sandra, microloan client

Sandra's Story

A local banker helped Sandra receive a $25,000 loan to transform her salon.

Bank Referral

Lisa Inzunza, Financial Service Officer at a local bank branch, knows a good opportunity, and an opportunity to do good, when she sees one.

Last fall, Lisa was approached by her client, Santa Clara local Sandra Weber, for a loan to renovate her hair salon. But she knew it was a deal her bank couldn't do.
Instead of a simple decline, Lisa called Alex Dang at Opportunity Fund and passed him the lead on the loan. By referring her to Opportunity Fund, not only did Lisa help Sandra find the loan she needed, she also gained an even more loyal customer.
"I'm loyal to people who are good to me. That's why I work with my bank, and why I was happy to work with Opportunity Fund," said Sandra. 

"Lisa said she knew Opportunity Fund, and felt that they could serve my financing needs. The people I worked with at Opportunity Fund were really great. They were very informative about everything I needed to know."


Making Upgrades

With Lisa's referral, Opportunity Fund was able to give Sandra a $25,000 loan, which she used to purchase new equipment, repaint, purchase furniture, and complete many other upgrades to her salon.

Her business will continue to employ 15 people, including stylists personally trained by Sandra. At the same time, Lisa deepened her relationship with a loyal client, and continues to serve the rest of Sandra's business banking needs.

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