F&S Towing

“It’s different when you’re your own boss. You don’t mind the hours."

—Fabian, microloan client

Fabian's Story

Recent immigrant Fabian and his wife Sandra have worked hard to start their San Francisco towing company.

A Helping Hand

F & S Towing is named for its owners, Fabian and Susana. For most people, the idea of a tow truck conjures up feelings of fear or resentment about having forgotten to pay recent parking tickets.

“We don’t do that kind of towing,” Fabian chuckles. Instead, they come to the aid of people who have been in a car crash and have totaled their car, allowing them to focus on their health instead of their vehicle.

F&S was born with the help of Fabian’s friend, a fellow immigrant from Mexico who convinced Fabian to leave the construction industry and loaned him $10,000 to buy his first tow truck. Three years later, Fabian has established himself in the business and in the mainstream U.S. financial system. 

“I’m really lucky to have had a friend like that. There aren’t many friends who would do that,” he said.

As owners of a small business, Fabian and Susana are hard workers who are revitalized by the work they do.

“It’s different when you’re your own boss. You don’t mind the hours—it’s about getting as much work done as you possibly can,” explained Fabian.


A New Tow Truck

Business was going so well that Fabian wanted to buy a new tow truck that can tow four cars at a time, allowing them to expand into a new market in the towing field. But when he approached his bank for a loan, his application was declined.

“But, they didn’t just forget about me. They said, ‘I bet I can find someone who can help you.’  And then they sent my information over to Alex, an Opportunity Fund loan officer. I think all bankers should go as far as they can to help other borrowers.”

Now with the new 4-carrier truck, Fabian and Susana are taking their business to the next level.

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