Arantxa Fashion

"My hope is that one day, I will be able to bring my kids here."

—Ana, microloan client

Ana's Story

After falling prey to a predatory lender in Los Angeles, clothing boutique owner Ana found Opportunity Fund.

Loan Sharks

Ana is the owner of Arantxa Fashion, a retail clothing shop located in the Garment District in downtown Los Angeles. She sells brightly colored t-shirts, jeans, and baseball caps to customers who stroll the labyrinth of alleyways in search of a deal.

"Right now, the trend is pastel colors and light colors. Before, it was neon. Before that, it was plaid. I have to keep up. And I have to keep changing my inventory," says Ana.

Ana started out selling clothes on the sidewalk. As her enterprise grew, she had the chance to move into a formal retail space but needed funds to increase her inventory. Ana borrowed $5,000 from a local usurero, or loan shark, and ended up paying $250 a month just to keep up with interest payments. 

"I opened my business to realize a dream," said Ana, "but I was quickly living a nightmare."


Fair Interest

Then, Ana got a loan from Opportunity Fund at 12% interest. She was able to pay off the usurero and to make enough to start sending money to support her three children in El Salvador. "My hope is that one day, I will be able to bring my kids here and they'll work with me. I want them to have more opportunities than I had."

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