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Join Opportunity Funders, a donor circle that connects people like you who are passionate about expanding economic opportunity.

Opportunity Funders at Taste of Microfinance

Opportunity Funders are funding opportunity

When you make a gift of $1,000 or more, you become a member of a network of individuals passionate about transforming the financial system by providing innovative products and services to low-income, enterprising members of our communities. Opportunity Funders believe that everyone should have the chance to build a dignified life, regardless of their economic background. Our role is to help working families realize their dreams and move beyond worrying about how to live from day to day. By investing in those who don’t have ready access to financial resources, together, we can break the cycle of poverty for good.


A Virtuous Circle

Benefits to clients

Your gift directly supports indiviuals so they can
  • Double their savings for college

  • Avoid predatory lenders, some who
    charge interest rates of 400%

  • Create jobs that provide a living wage

  • Prevent, manage and recover from life's emergencies by relying on savings and
    avoiding a tailspin

Benefits to members

As a valued donor, you will
  • Receive special recognition and exclusive
    event invitations

  • Meet other Opportunity Funders and work together to build a more inclusive financial system

  • Learn how your tax-deductible donation
    gives individuals a hand-up

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Make a donation of $1,000 or more to gain entry in this exclusive donor circle. You will immediately begin receiving member benefits and will see your dollars put to work to improve your communtiy.

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To learn more, please contact Gwyneth Galbraith gwyneth@opportunityfund.org or (408) 516-4689.