20 Years Driving Economic Mobility


Donations support investments in entrepreneurship and small businesses; promote savings and asset-building; and expand economic opportunity for all Californians.

Gifts made between July1, 2012 and December 31, 2013 

$300,000 +

W. K. Kellogg Foundation
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Sobrato Family Foundation
Y & H Soda Foundation
US Department of Health and Human Services
US Department of Treasury, CDFI Fund
Wells Fargo NEXT Awards for Opportunity Finance

$100,000 to $299,999

Chevron Corporation
Colligan Family Fund
Gurley Family Fund
Walter and Elise Haas Fund
Leslie Family Foundation
Sam's Club Giving ProgramSand Hill Foundation
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Tory Burch Foundation
Tundra Glacier Fund*
United Way Silicon Valley
WANDA/The Women's Foundation of California

$50,000 to $99,999

Annenberg Foundation
Bank of America
Charles Schwab Bank
City and County of San Francisco
Comerica Bank
Franklin & Catherine Johnson Foundation
Marcled Foundation
NBC Universal Foundation
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream Program
Wells Fargo Foundation

$20,000 to 49,999

Bank of the West
BBVA Compass
Cathay Bank
eBay Foundation*
Economic Justice Fund of the Tides Foundation
James Irvine Foundation, recommended by Greg Avis
Carl Kawaja and Gwendolyn Holcombe Foundation ‡
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
San Francisco Foundation
Silicon Valley Bank
United Way Bay Area
US Bank
US Small Business Administration

$10,000 to 19,999

Jeff Donnelly
Ken and Gundy DuVall Fund and the Doolittle Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County
Friedman Family Foundation
Kaufhold Gaskin LLP
Jim and Cathy Koshland Philanthropic Fund+
Harrison Miller and Clare McCamy Giving Fund
Nichols Foundation
Nancy and Joseph Ragey
Union Bank

$1,000 to $9,999

Anonymous (4)
Aspen Institute
Bridgewood Fieldwater Foundation
Janet Stull Baumgartner Foundation*
Benefraim-Rodrigues Foundation
Boston Private Bank and Trust Company
Thomas and Polly Bredt
Brickyard Berridge Fund~
George Brown
Capital One
Stanley and Julie Chin
Cropper Family Fund*
Sebastien de Halleux
Dawn Dobras and Eric Swergold
Tom and Ellen Ehrlich
Engel Family Fund*
First Republic Bank
Michael Gallagher and Ruth Shapiro
Brian Graham and Torie Clarke
Kathryn Green Fund*
Susan Harper
Shelley Harrison
Heritage Bank of Commerce
Judy Heyboer
Andrew Hirsch and Nina Brooks
Evelyn Huang
Roger Johnson
Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell Foundation
Steven Kaufhold and Christine Richardson
Rich and Gina Kelley
Patricia Krackov
David Krimm and Peter Bradley
Launch Pad, Inc.
Steven Levere
Susan Lowenberg and Joyce Newstat
Manufacturers Bank
David Mares
Daniel Markovitz
Ash McNeely and Elisa Odabashian
Clarinda Merripen
Scott and Molly Morse
Mosaic Financial Partners, San Francisco
Pacific Western Bank
Nammy Patel
Jennifer Pence
Scott Pollak
Marc Rand and Scott Montgomery
Harry and Carol Saal Family Fund+
Sand Hill Foundation, recommended by Ash McNeely
Jennifer and Scott Sandell
Ursula Schorn
Snelling Charitable Fund
Starbucks Foundation - Vote Give Grow Award
Stearns Charitable Trust
The Skoll Fund, recommended by Bob Burlinson*
The Stocker Foundation, matching gift for Dawn Dobras and Eric Swergold
Jonathan and Tracey Turner
Elizabeth Ü's Advised Fund of RSF Social Finance
Eric Weaver and Sarah Holcombe
Denise Yamamoto and Josh Hannah
John Yee
William and Jennifer Youstra

$1 to $999

Anonymous (9)
Daphne Adam
David Ai
Marcos Alvarez-Gonzalez
Paula Smith Arrigoni
ASB Los Altos High School
Anne Wakefield Atkinson Philanthropic Fund+
Claire Axelrad
Phyllis Ball
Robert Barnett
Betty Bei Yu
Tor Fredrik Clemens Dahlseide Bjerke
Anne Blackman
Mara Blitzer
Dan and Tessie Boado
Steven and Margaret Bojkovic
Jared Braiterman
Larry Braverman and Mike Prutz
Michael Brennan
Virginia and Gary Brown
Peter and Marc Brunner
MD and Jerome Buttrick
Lisa Caronna
Catalytic Women
Anthony Chang and Wendy Wong
Charles Schwab Foundation Employee Matching Gift Program, matching gift for Yolanda Ruiz and Roger Duke
Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program, matching gift for Kathleen and William Desmond
Ted Chien
Anne Childs
Ka Choi
Maya Chorengel and Arpad Molnar
Mark Clark
Jonathan Cohen
Curtis Cole and Debby Meredith
Stephen Combs
Aaron Cooperband and Fumi Tanaka
Bruce Cozadd
Larry Cretan
Bill "Milo" Cummings and Margaret Chau
Philip and Beverly Davis
Lokelani Devone
Steve Dostart and Sharon Meers
Brandon Dresch
Brian Dudjak
Peter and Elizabeth Dumanian
Chas Edwards
Peter Elting and Wes Freas
Richard Fahey
Bert Feuss
Patricia Foster
Gwyneth and Mark Galbraith
Gallo Family Fund*
Janine Gardner and Scott Osborne
Kelly Gaynor
Laura Giadorou-Koch
Elizabeth and John Givens
Cassandra Glessner
Matt Glickman and Susan Hwang
Robin Diane Goldstein
Google Matching Program, matching gift for Elizabeth Liebert
Google Trips for Charity, recommended by Cyrus Behroozi
Shelly Gordon Gray
Daniel Grossman and Linda Gerard
Josh Groves and Julie Carlsen
Doug and Dori Hamilton
Shawn Hanna
Richard and Mary Harper
Timothy Hatfield
Donald Hejna
Venessa Henlon
Ian Holton
David Hsia
IBM Charitable Contribution Giving
Ryan Irwin
Kimberly Jabal
M. Jean Johnston
Hazel Kawaja
Catherine Kelliher
Michael and Frances Kieschnick
Nairobi Kim
Curt Kirschner and Nick Augustinos
Nick Kocharhook
Roberta Krackov
Heidi Krauel and Harsh Patel
Laura and Gary Lauder Philanthropic Fund+
Fredrick Lee
Josh and Sara Leslie
Elizabeth Liebert
Jennifer Loving
Joe and Carole LaTorre
Connie and Bob Lurie Foundation
Christopher and Liz Lynch
Renee and Ron MacArthur
Laura MacArthur
Ben Mangan
Beth Manitsky
Art Martinez
Thomas Matty
Bill McCarthy
John McKinney
Kathleen McShane and William Desmond
Pratik Mehta
Myra Melford
Pamela Merchant and Kirby Sack
Jeffrey Merkowitz and Molly Savitz
Gerald and Judy Merrill
Cynthia and Robert Miller
Sharon Miller
Karen Moore and Peter Watkins
John Muller and Linda Walton
David Musial
The Nachtsheim Family Foundation
Steve and Valerie Nagle
Lex Nakashima
Steven and Camela Nasiri
Natasha and Freya of Coolhaus
Sue Neilsen
Sam Newman
Angela Nguyen-Dinh
Oliver Nicholas
Cassandra O'Gara
David Okazaki
Kristin Olson
William Ortiz-Cartagena
Ben Owen
Mark Pahlavan
Mitesh and Chetna Parikh
Hannah Park
Mark and Diane Parnes
David and Alice Patrick
Rachel Payne
PayPal, recommended by Amanda Schwartz
Mark Perry
Picnic Dash Productions
Qualcomm Charitable Foundation Employee Matching Program, matching Gift for William Cummings
Susan Rosenblum
Stephen and Irene Rozga
Yolanda Ruiz and Roger Duke
Jane Rush
Heidi Scott
Shaolee Sen and Scott Callard
Nimesh Shah
Diane Shields
Robert and Stephanie Shoffner
Susan Phinney-Silver and Jim Silver
George Skillman
Julie Smith
Peter Sownie
Michelle Sparrow
A. Terry and Claudia Speizer
Linda Speizer
St. Martin of Tours Church
Jonas and Christine Stafford
Rebecca Stanek-Rykoff
Art Stevens
Benjamin and Jenna Storey
Judith and William Storey
Michael Strauss
Regina Stroud and Linda Collins
Anne Stuhldreher and Tim Wirth
Greg Sugar
John Tatar
The Skoll Foundation, matching Gift for Richard Fahey
Tannis Thorlakson
Veronica Tincher
Sophia Tu
Frederick Van Den Abbeel
Torben and Tracy Voetmann
Angela Marie Volpe
Nicholas Wagner
Shou Watanabe
James and Mary Weaver
Sharon Weaver
Weinreb Segal Family Fund ^
June Weintraub
Karen Weiss
Abby Wilder
Perry and Barbara Winegrad
William Yunt
Alan Zametkin
Alexis Zhu
Fritz and Susan Zimmer
Alan Zisser
Steve Zuckerman and Debra Meyerson Family Fund+
Howard and Maureen Zugman
Charles Zukow
Debra Zumwalt
Kevin Zwick

Sustaining Donors
Hilary Abell
Tor Fredrik Bjerke
Charles Chew and Patricia Bossert
Constance and Alice George
Stephen Huntington
Adam Lang
George McNeely
Natalie Monk
Brynne Speizer
Nicolas Wagner

In Kind
Cisco Donation Program
Berkeley Repertory Theatre
Entire Productions
Microsoft Corporation
Ninkasi Brewing Co.
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati

* Silicon Valley Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund
‡ San Francisco Foundation Donor Advised Fund
+ Jewish Community Endowment Fund
~ East Bay Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund
^ Marin Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund