20 Years Driving Economic Mobility


Award-winning and innovative, Opportunity Fund is California's leading microfinance provider.

Opportunity Fund is a not-for-profit social enterprise helping thousands of California families build financial stability. Our strategy combines microloans for small businesses, microsavings accounts, and community real estate financing. Now California's leading microfinance provider, Opportunity Fund began based on the idea that small amounts of money and financial advice could help people make permanent and lasting change to improve their own lives. Since making our first loan in 1994, our team has deployed $297 million into our communities.

To advance the economic well-being of working people by helping them earn, save and invest in their future.

Opportunity Fund believes that everyone should have the chance to build a dignified life, regardless of their economic background. Our role is to help working families realize their dreams and move beyond worrying about how to live day to day. By investing in those who don’t have ready access to financial resources, we strive to break the cycle of poverty for good.

Our Core Values:
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Message from CEO, Eric Weaver:

Eric Weaver-OpportunityFund CEOAt the beginning - when Opportunity Fund was just an idea - we didn’t know if small amounts of money and financial advice could be enough to enable people to make big changes for the better. But I believed there was a way for working people to achieve life goals that once seemed out of reach, simply because they didn’t have the financial means or know-how. Over the last 20 years, we have seen individuals graduate from higher education programs, purchase homes, save at a higher rate than the average American, start small businesses that provide sustainable income and create jobs, and build assets for their families. Most tell us that they could not have done it without the help Opportunity Fund provided. But to me, it’s clear: all our clients needed was your belief in them and a chance to succeed.

I am proud that Opportunity Fund’s investors and staff recognize that entrepreneurship, hard work, and ideas—the pillars of Silicon Valley businesses—are also the pillars of its lower income communities. Together, we are building a diverse, vibrant community where opportunity, knowledge, and access to capital are within reach for everyone living in the Bay Area and Greater Los Angeles.